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How to enter

Entries into the 2017 Communiqué Awards should be submitted via email to Helen Palmer-Wickens

Closing date for entries is 9 March 2017.
A seven-day extension will be permitted to 16 March 2017, for an additional charge.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your entry (via email) within 7 days of submission, please contact Helen Palmer-Wickens,

Entries CANNOT be withdrawn or amended/added to in any way after 24 March 2017, once the judging process has commenced.
Entry fees are non-refundable. Entries received without payment will not be processed.

Entry is charged at £260 + VAT (£312)* per entry.
Cheques should be made payable to PMGroup, see entry form for details of how to pay by credit card. One payment covering all entries is acceptable.

*A seven-day extension will be permitted to 16 March 2017 for the additional charge of £125 + VAT (£150) per entry.

Charity/association/healthcare provider:
Entries are free of charge.

One entry form (authorised by the appropriate representatives of the agency and client) must be completed for each entry.

Your written entry must comprise:

  • A 200-word Executive Summary must be supplied separately from the two-page A4 submission. This will not be seen by the judges so there is no need to anonymise. The executive summary will be the only information made available if your entry is a finalist. Please ensure it is signed off by the client (if appropriate).
  • The two-page A4 entry submission will be seen by the judges. It must be typed or typeset with minimum 10pt font size and have sufficient margin to accommodate a hole-punch. These documents (in Word or pdf format) must be emailed with your entry form.

You may illustrate your submission with thumbnail images where necessary, if they will be useful in helping the judges’ understanding of your work.

All entries should follow the category specific entry format and judging criteria. Entries exceeding two sides of A4 that do not follow the entry format will automatically be penalised by the judges.

Write your entry specifically for the category entered; any submission entered into more than one category, which has not been tailored to the relevant criteria but merely duplicated, will be disqualified and will still be charged.

Anonymise your two-page written submission for all categories, except for:

  • Writing Excellence
  • Excellence in Social Media Strategy
  • Excellence in Engagement Through Digital Channels
  • Excellence in Corporate Communications
  • Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • All Individual, Team or Consultancy Award categories.

Do not include any entrant information or brand colours in your two-page submission that will easily identify your agency/company (client and brand/product details are permitted); failure to do this will result in disqualification.

Entries should be accompanied by

  • ESSENTIAL: A summary sheet must be supplied with supporting materials, detailing each of the supporting materials and clearly referencing where evidence can be found to support claims made in the entry about  outcomes, such as shifts in awareness, attitude and reported behaviour, eg info on sample size, method of data collection etc. Entries will not be accepted without this document
  • A selection of relevant supporting material and visuals to illustrate the work undertaken
  • Supporting materials do not need to be anonymised.

Other common requirements are that entries must:

  • Relate to the period indicated in the entry criteria for each category. Sales and other important data from Q1 2017 is admissible, providing it is clearly highlighted in your submission. No further information can be accepted after the closing date for entries
  • Include benchmarks to help judges evaluate the impact and outcomes of the work
  • Address the specific needs of the audience, provide value and build trust with the stakeholder group(s)
  • Include stakeholder references and client verdicts – but only those that confirm and support the value of the work undertaken with or for them (for example in improving patient care). These should NOT simply be a testimonial for the agency/consultancy
  • Include clear evidence of substantial development/improvement together with chronology, for any campaign that has been entered previously into the awards. If your work has been entered previously, you MUST include the previous submission(s) within your supporting documents. If you do not have these available any longer, please say so in your covering email with this year’s entry submission - indicating the year you entered the work, category and entry title - and PMGroup will endeavor to find the entry within their archives.
  • Deliver balanced, independent and compelling work that enables stakeholders to improve clinical practice, raise standards of patient and general healthcare, enhance patient safety, improve access to treatment, or overcome other current treatment barriers
  • Disclose details of any use of any other agencies, outside contractors and/or third parties that may have been involved in the work
  • Disclose any 'paid for' elements of the campaign.

Supporting materials – these do not need to be submitted until Friday 31 March 2017:

  • Should be no larger than a single A4 box file (size guide only, it is not necessary to submit materials in box files)
  • ESSENTIAL: A summary sheet must be supplied with supporting materials, detailing each of the supporting materials and clearly referencing where evidence can be found to support claims made in the entry about outcomes, such as shifts in awareness, attitude and reported behaviour, eg info on sample size, method of data collection etc. Entries will not be accepted without this document.

Writing Excellence categories require seven sets of all supporting materials, all of which should be no larger than a single A4 box file.

Supporting materials must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the entry form
  • A copy of the executive summary
  • A copy of the entry submission
  • A referenced summary sheet of all documents provided and details as to where the judges can find supporting evidence for all claims made in your submission about outcomes such as shifts in awareness, attitude and reported behaviour
  • Original client brief: where possible, provide a copy of the original brief from the client, or relating to the campaign
  • Photographs for categories that require them.

Your images must comply with the following:

  • Colour jpeg files
  • For the Individual, Team, and Consultancy Awards, pictures must be of people and teams. We recommend a professional photographer for best results
  • Image resolution must be 300 dpi and the size no less than 200mm x 200mm, to allow for landscape, portrait or square images.

Should you reach the finalist stage, these images may be used in PMGroup publications, online and will be used on-screen during the awards night presentation

Multiple entries: supporting materials must be submitted separately for each category entered as they will be judged by different judging panels. Each individual entry must, include a copy of your entry form, executive summary and entry submission together with the relevant supporting materials for that specific category.

Please indicate on the entry form whether you require your supporting materials to be returned to you or destroyed by PMGroup after the awards presentation.

Supporting materials should be posted to:
Helen Palmer-Wickens
Communiqué Awards 2017
Mansard House
Church Road
Little Bookham
KT23 3JG

Supporting materials must arrive no later than Friday 31 March 2017.

IMPORTANT: It is important for entrants to realise that, at this first stage, decisions will be based on the content of the two-page written submission only. Judges (other than for Writing Excellence or Excellence in Social Media Strategy or Excellence in Engagement Through Digital Channels categories) will have no access to executive summaries or supporting materials. These will be made available at group judging days.

“The Communiqué Awards programme is a highlight in the industry calendar for three key reasons. The categories have kept pace with change and reflect modern communications in practice. The judging process is still one of the most rigorous around, ensuring a high level of credibility and trust in the results. And the people organising the awards intuitively know what it takes to engage a community. Miss it and you might just miss out”
Jo Spadaccino,
Board Director, Pegasus