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The 90TEN Award for Excellence in Corporate Communications – External Stakeholders

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2020 Finalists

Making Gender Diversity Matter: Five Burning Questions

by Aurora for MSD

We live in an increasingly diverse society. Diversity brings new ways of thinking, and leads to opportunities for growth, learning and collaboration. But diversity alone is not inclusion. Companies and society are missing out on this ‘diversity dividend’ because of a lack of genuine equality.

This ambitious project by MSD and Aurora sought to move from platitudes to proactivity in the realm of equality. It focused on one of the most far-reaching inequalities in most workplaces, but particularly in the STEM sector, gender.

Gender equality cannot be achieved by one organisation, individual or only by women. It takes everyone. That’s why this project’s success was measured on reaching a wide audience of people with the power to make a real difference and influencing them to act.

We believe the best use of this executive summary is to spread the learnings of this project rather than to sing our own praises for doing it. So, here are some things that every organisation or individual reading this can actually do to move our society and workplaces towards gender equality:

  • Call out inappropriate behaviours
  • Ensure everyone has a voice and is listened to
  • Set diversity goals that are meaningful
  • Instil gender diversity into all your actions, including what you click/like on social media.

A Unique Bond

by Burson Cohn Wolfe for Boehringer Ingelheim

Dislike for pharma has never been higher. As an industry leader operating in the much-maligned pharmaceutical sector, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) had an urgent need – and opportunity–to shift the debate.

BI’s concern was that unyielding public antipathy towards ‘Big Pharma’ risked that the firm’s own pioneering work in human and animal health and its compassionate corporate ethos would be overlooked by external stakeholders. It had to positively stand out in the sector, to challenge negative perceptions and to transform hostility into advocacy, ’A Unique Bond’ did just that.

A strategic campaign that spanned five continents and 30 countries was only made possible by the digital-first approach undertaken by the client and agency team. It broke through the noise to champion the bond between a pet and its owner, and its positive effect on physical and mental well-being.

The campaign enabled BI to increase its online community, building relationships with external stakeholders and establishing a favourite perception of the brand–80% of people who consumed campaign content said they prefer BI to other pharma companies because of its dedication to both human and animal health.

Novo Nordisk UK, Leading Commentary on Brexit Impact

by Syneos Health for Novo Nordisk UK

Novo Nordisk’s purpose is to improve and change the lives of patients. All Novo Nordisk’s medicines are imported to the UK, therefore it was committed to ensuring patients’ medicine supplies were unaffected ahead of the Brexit deadline and keen to use this opportunity to highlight its ongoing commitment to UK patients.

With a recently appointed UK general manager, Pinder Sahota, and the UK remaining a key market for Novo Nordisk, the combined internal and external (Syneos Health) press office identified Brexit as an opportune moment to firmly position Novo Nordisk, and its people, as leading commentators on the potential impact of leaving the EU whilst highlighting the business’s ongoing commitment to patients in the UK.

The strategy focused on using Brexit as a topical and timely opportunity to highlight Novo Nordisk’s commitment to the UK market. Reassuring stakeholders that Novo Nordisk will be able to provide its life-saving medicines, regardless of the Brexit outcome; ultimately positioning the company as the leading commentator on the impact of Brexit for the pharmaceutical industry and patients.

In 2019 alone, 269 pieces of coverage were secured for Novo Nordisk across print, online, radio and TV, creating 569,323,199 opportunities to see.

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