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The 90TEN Award for Excellence in Corporate Communications – Internal Stakeholders

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2020 Finalists

Uniting Employees Behind Astellas’ Scientific Innovation Approach: The Scientific Innovation Narrative

by Arc Bio Communications for Astellas Pharma Inc.

During this time of great change in healthcare, in order to stay relevant and competitive, it is crucial for pharmaceutical companies and their employees to communicate the company’s mission and purpose through a strong and unified voice. A pharma organisation must speak with one voice, powerfully and clearly across all touchpoints, with strength, consistency and pride.

In order to effectively highlight Astellas’ pioneering scientific approach and its commitment to securing high-quality external partnerships to accelerate its pipeline and turn innovative science into value for patients, the team embarked on the development of a Scientific Innovation Narrative. The goal behind the creation of a Scientific Innovation Narrative was to develop a powerful, compelling strategic story, co-created across the organisation, to build Astellas’ corporate scientific reputation and enhance its recognition as a ‘company of choice’ among potential innovation partners and current/prospective employees (key strategic business objectives).

The results of the initiative have been outstanding and unparalleled. The Narrative has captured the imagination of the global organisation and enjoyed massive uptake and use across all internal and external communications touchpoints. It has become the foundation and ‘North Star’ for all communications around Astellas’ innovation approach at a global level. This one story and these powerful messages can be found everywhere from office hallways and building branding, all the way to the CMO and CEO incorporating the narrative as they speak on the global stage.

Harnessing the Power of Together

by Hanover Communications for Chugai

In the world of pharma everyone wants to be the ’partner of choice’. But how many actually do? In July 2018, our client Chugai challenged us to develop a campaign to foster genuine collaboration in its European business.

Our strategy was to empower Chugai with an engine for change driven by visibility across the business, belief from employees and tangible action. If we could achieve these three things, a message of collaboration would begin to hit home.

We launched an internal movement at Chugai known as ’The Power of Together’ that spoke to what teams could achieve as one. We supported it with a video showing real employees riding to work together on tandem bicycles, and a tournament where people could ride special tandems in their office for charity. This was the ultimate expression of our campaign – showing how Chugai’s employees travel further and faster when they worked together.

In a survey the majority of Chugai employees said they strongly wanted to collaborate more and felt inspired by our campaign. People have introduced several cross-European initiatives to encourage collaboration. It’s fair to say, that now Chugai can truly tell prospective European partners that it embodies ’The Power of Together’.

London 2020: Novartis UK HQ Relocation Project

by Novartis

In November 2018, global pharmaceutical company Novartis announced it would be moving its UK headquarters from Frimley, Surrey, to a new office in White City, London by January 2020. The reason for the relocation was to be closer to customers and partners, and better networked in the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem that the area afforded.

The overarching communications objective was to ensure as many employees as possible, a large number of whom lived in the Frimley area, continued within the business and moved to London. The Communications team, working alongside their London 2020 project colleagues, developed a strategy to inform, support and inspire employees throughout the consultation process and the physical move.

This strategy included a schedule of thoughtful communications to inform and inspire employees, novel approaches such as the White City Pop-Up to create excitement about the new location, and the appointment of move ambassadors to ensure employees had a voice in the process.

In the monthly employee pulse survey, ‘Communication’ was consistently the highest rated metric throughout the project. In November 2019, more than 80 percent of employees made the move to London.

One Location, One Sanofi

by Sanofi

In 2019, Sanofi opened a new UK headquarters, consolidating three offices into one location. More than just a physical move, it represented an opportunity to shift organisational mindset and drive new ways of working. At the heart of the new office inception was a commitment to establishing a collaborative working environment, to encourage more opportunities for cross-connectivity. An integrated change management approach and communications strategy was integral to the success and vital to help employees recognise the positive opportunities the relocation could present.

The One Location communications campaign sought to support the new business direction by taking a collaborative approach to internal engagement, ensuring employees felt listened to and supported by communicating the right information, at the right time, through the right channel and empowering colleagues throughout the process with tools and information.

Through the gradual introduction of new working practices, providing support and empowering colleagues to use digital tools in way which suited them within their teams, One Location drove the adoption of more digital and agile ways of working within the company. The communications around the move led the awareness and acceptance of activity-based working, which has led to greater connectivity, collaboration and creativity within Sanofi UK.

Smart Field Force Engagement – Tillotts Training Challenge

by Tillotts Pharma UK

Tillotts Pharma UK’s goal is to become the preferred partner in gastroenterology by developing an unrivalled reputation and a market-leading portfolio. Preparing for an important product launch, however, we recognised that our training resources and approach were in need of an update, and

the sales force needed to be armed with high levels of medical knowledge. The challenge was to find a way of setting the team up for success by engaging and upskilling them, with minimal time away from the day job.

By applying smart pedagogical thinking and methods to boost learning and engagement, our Senior Medical Education Manager developed training that was effective, flexible and fun, and succeeded in re-engaging and motivating the whole team. Her training course met all its aims and is now being used by Tillotts Global in Switzerland, and a number of affiliates across Europe.

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