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Welcome to PMEA

PMEA: Recognising excellence in improving patient outcomes

What is the PMEA programme?

PMEA rewards responsible customer-centric business practices that ensure treatments and advice provide patients with meaningful outcomes.

It reflects the dynamic healthcare environment and the industry’s development of new, intelligent ways to improve patient care and outcomes and provide greater value for healthcare providers and payers.

Specifically designed to recognise and commend excellence, best practice and innovation in local, European and international markets, the programme includes three new categories for 2017:

PMEA 2017 aims to…

1. Recognise work that delivers clearly identifiable benefits and improved outcomes for patients.

2. Recognise the value of responsible business practice that improve:

  • Standards of clinical practice
  • Provision of healthcare
  • Access to medical treatment or services
  • Uptake of treatment
  • Adherence and compliance with treatment
  • Coordination and delivery of services
  • Treatment benefits
  • Support for independence and management of risk

3. Identify and recognise the talented organisations behind the work.

4. Create an environment where success is valued and commended.

Why Enter PMEA?

Good work shouldn’t go unrecognised. Don’t miss your chance to be singled out for excellence in improving patient outcomes by a panel of experienced, independent industry judges. Being recognised through the PMEA programme is regarded as a significant achievement for the teams, companies, agencies and consultancies behind the initiatives.

Success at PMEA can be a key driver for business growth and for building morale with internal and external stakeholders alike.

Who can enter?

  • UK, European or international pharmaceutical, biotech, ethical, life science, OTC and medical device/diagnostic companies
  • Healthcare agencies and consultancies
  • Management consultants acting on behalf (and with the full authorisation) of the client pharmaceutical company
  • Patient associations and charities
  • Trade organisations and professional bodies.

“For Bayer, winning the 2016 PMEA Award for Company of the Year was a fantastic acknowledgement of the marketing excellence that we strive for across our business. To be recognised by the judges for our contribution towards helping patients as well as the NHS, through our campaigns, projects and overall culture - and for doing so as an integrated team - is so rewarding. It is testimony to what we believe in and to what we have all achieved.”
Alexander Moscho, UK/ Ireland CEO and head of Pharma, Bayer