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Excellence in Patient Education and Support

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Empowering Your Future - Living with Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

by Eli Lilly and Company
with support from Complete HealthVizion

Summary of work

1.8 million people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, with approximately 500,000 of them having squamous cell lung cancer (SqCLC). These patients are often judged to have brought the disease upon themselves through their lifestyle, leading to a less satisfactory treatment journey at a very difficult time. Despite the prevalence of SqCLC, there is very little information available for patients. To address this, we developed a strategy to empower patients and their families to understand their disease and navigate positively through what lies ahead by educating them about SqCLC specifically, with information endorsed by thought leaders, patient-advocacy groups and internationally recognised associations.

In conjunction with the SqCLC Consortium, an expert group of 29 multidisciplinary specialists and three patient-advocacy representatives, “Living with squamous cell lung cancer - a guide for patients” was developed.

Endorsed by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, the booklet was launched at the World Conference on Lung Cancer 2016, where over 1,200 copies were distributed. Worldwide demand for this information is high, and the booklet has now been translated into multiple languages, improving education and enabling more patients to feel confident in making the best decisions for their future.

Judges' comments

This project really stood out for the judges. Not only did the team engage patient support groups, but they managed to turn technical jargon into colloquial language for patients. The clear strategy and the insights flowed together nicely to deliver a strong yet broad piece of work.


On Path Patient Support Programme - UK - by Amgen
with support from Atlantis Healthcare UK

Highly commended

MyAsthma - by GSK
with support from The EarthWorks


Empowering Your Future - Living with Squamous Cell Lung Cancer - by Eli Lilly and Company
with support from Complete HealthVizion

Pfizer Liaison - Partnering to Provide Support and Improve Cancer Patients’ Lives - by Pfizer Canada
with support from Lemieux Bédard Communications

Skin-telligence - by Thornton & Ross
with support from Pegasus

Key dates

Entry deadline 29 August 2019
Extended entry deadline 5 September 2019*
*additional fee applies
Judging day 26 September 2019
Company/Team Interviews 9 October 2019
PMEA Event 27 November 2019