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Global Medical Affairs as CATALYSTs for Change

by AbbVie with support from Lucid Group

Summary of work

In 2018, there was unprecedented dynamism in the psoriasis market. Competition thickened and a crowded market was creating significant scientific activity and leading to confusion among dermatologists about how, and when to choose a biologic. AbbVie, whilst still marketing HUMIRA had to prepare to launch its new asset, SKYRIZI. Scientific exchange from medical affairs to educate and prepare the clinical community would be pivotal. Medical teams across all affiliates needed to rapidly upskill on a new MOA, asset, large clinical trial programme, growing evidence‐base and a focused scientific story to prepare them for compliant proactive and reactive communication. HUMIRA was the day‐to‐day focus, but medical teams need to advance and learn – CATALYST was the solution. A step‐by‐step programme to take medical affairs teams on a journey of collective development ensuring all were ready. One core fundamental principle underlined the CATALYST programme – make it easy but effective! A developmental journey was initially established, and key learning objectives were defined forming a core curriculum, which was rolled out through phased educational activities founded on principles of adult learning. As a result, all infield medical teams across launch countries were upskilled resulting in consistent, strategically aligned scientific exchange and 100% readiness for launch.

Judges' comments

Lucid and Abbvie’s CATALYSTs programme is far-reaching and ambitious. It is creative and well-designed and a truly elegant medical affairs development programme.


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Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2021
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2021*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 1 October 2021
Company of the Year Interviews 22 October 2021
PMEA Event 24 November 2021