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Healthcare Collaboration Award

Highly Commended


Carefusion in association with Seven Stones

Summary of work

Before the launch of ChloraPrep (a single patient use, applicator-based preoperative skin antisepsis system comprising a sterilised solution of 2 per cent chlorhexidine and 70 per cent alcohol), skin prep techniques prior to invasive medical procedures varied widely between hospitals and even within them. Moreover, it was not widely recognised that bloodstream and surgical site infections, including MRSA, are usually caused by bacteria naturally occurring on the patient’s skin.

In order to drive sales of ChloraPrep in hospital, there had to be a single, wholesale change. Carefusion decided to take a multi-layered, collaborative approach to influence the decision makers involved, from those who set the infection control guidelines down to retraining those who would use the products every day. This had to be achieved with less than 20 Carefusion employees.  

The CareFusion team worked together with KOLs and government bodies to highlight the growing evidence base for ChloraPrep and to influence skin prep guidelines. As a result UK national guidelines, including Epic 2 and the Department of Health’s Saving Lives High Impact Interventions programme, have changed and now recommend 2 per cent chlorhexidine/70 per cent alcohol as the preferred skin prep solution.

Thanks to these changes and significant nurse-led training, over 90 per cent of UK hospitals have now adopted ChloraPrep for all central line insertions, and hospital staff at all levels from management to those on the front line are implementing standardised, evidence-based skin prep to reduce bloodstream and surgical site infections.

It is estimated that ChloraPrep has already delivered savings to the NHS in excess of £100m through the prevention of over 18,000 bacteraemia and as a result saved thousands of lives.

Judges comments

“Excellent initiative with fabulous results – it made a big impact on patients’ lives. The project shows a good understanding of the environment and customer needs as well as the insights required for behavioural change. A great example of account management at all levels, with partnership seen between national bodies and local teams within hospitals.” 

Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2021
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2021*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 1 October 2021
Company of the Year Interviews 22 October 2021
PMEA Event 24 November 2021