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The Hill & Knowlton Award for Innovation

Highly Commended

Questival website

Bayer Healthcare in association with Langland

Summary of work

A teenager with haemophilia has the same questions and issues as any other teenager, from sex and drugs to travel and tattoos. He or she wants to access information privately and in a convenient way that he or she is  familiar with. This insight led to the creation of the Questival website: somewhere for teenagers to find answers to questions they would rather not ask, both about their condition and everyday life, coupled with interactive and innovative delivery.

The festival-themed site invites users to enter via a unique augmented reality experience and, once in, the plethora of interactive features to navigate around the site creates a festival style experience, while delivering answers to their questions.

Bayer searched beyond the functional attributes of the product to find a discriminating factor that sells at a more emotional level. Building on Kogenate Bayer’s brand essence of ‘reliability’ and a long-term commitment to haemophilia and R&D, Bayer has positioned itself as a life-long partner to the haemophilia community. One of the tactical outputs cementing this unwavering commitment has been demonstrated via added value services in the form of highly effective and tailored patient support materials.

The unique nature of Bayer’s patient support lies in the fact that each patient group is spoken to in a language and tone that it will understand and is relevant to it, not only through the words but also through the media channels and delivery chosen. Bayer believes patients are just normal people, like everyone else.

Questival is an excellent example of exactly how this ethos dominates its communications.

Judges comments

“This was an excellent initiative and very innovative – the first true example of pushing boundaries in technology. The very specific insights obtained about this patient group and why it is so important to engage with them was clearly outlined. Great website, neat idea and great use of new technology.”

Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2021
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2021*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 1 October 2021
Company of the Year Interviews 22 October 2021
PMEA Event 24 November 2021