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Internal Capability Development

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      Celgene Internal Capability Development



Celgene Internal Capability Development


Summary of work

Winner: Celgene

Celgene began the final quarter of 2010 in a strong position. We were on track to achieve unprecedented commercial success with Revlimid® and Vidaza®, the acquisition of Abraxis BioScience had been announced and our growing team had found a new home in Stockley Park with plans to relocate mid-2011. 

However, we realised that we were entering a key transformational phase which required the development of new capabilities with a focus on strategic planning and implementation in order to sustain such growth. 

Our success has been in achieving our planned outcome of growth, reaching impressive sales levels and attracting leading new talent to the team, whilst ensuring our evolution was true to the founding culture and values of Celgene.



Executive summary as submitted

Judges comments

"Celgene carried out an effective diagnosis of the capabilities it would need to progress onto the next stage of its growth. It was really good at analysis and, crucially, actually committing to action afterwards. 

As companies have reorganised, there’s often been a lack of clarity about how they change, but we’ve seen Celgene step up and recognise that it’s not a time for disinvesting in its people."