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Finalists 2010 - GalbraithWight Business School Marketing Team of the Year Award


Team: Baxter UK Renal Marketing Team - Baxter Healthcare


Team: The Simponi cross-functional brand team - MSD


Team: Lipitor regional brand team - Pfizer




This category provides the opportunity to look at operational effectiveness, strategy and integration within either a European, global or domestic team. Entries were invited from any team that demonstrated cross-functionality and did not necessarily have to be from a permanent department.

In particular the judges were looking to see how the team came together to build the marketing plan; how problems were solved; how the team affected the results and what the team did in the face of adversity? Overall, they were looking for entries that made them think, "I really want to be part of this team!"

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Team overview -  Baxter UK Renal Marketing Team

Company: Baxter Healthcare

Baxter is the leading provider of home dialysis therapy, Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) to the NHS. The number of patients has fallen and the majority of patients now receive treatment in hospital. Because being market leader in a declining market is unsustainable for any business this team rose to the challenge and developed a robust strategy that fundamentally shifted the previous model of product focus and market share gain to focus on the therapy.

The patient pathway for dialysis patients was carefully mapped out and key opportunities for improvement identified. Behavioural objectives formed the backbone of the strategy as the team developed the 'I'd Rather be at Home' campaign, that resonated with stakeholders at every level as it placed the patient at the centre of the shared decision making process.



Judges' comments

"This team rose to the challenge of a declining market and negative business results to put in place a robust strategy that reversed a decline and returned the business to growth, becoming a high-performing team in the process. This is only the start of the story."



Stakeholder quote

"I am greatly impressed with the short and long term support offered by the Baxter Marketing Team. They are always dynamic and responsive and can answer any question posed to them by using their information network swiftly and comprehensively. They are especially adept at providing a personal touch to their information and resources. They go beyond the call of duty and are committed to their goal."
Dr S.A. consultant nephrologist

"Improving the quality of life is of major concern to the 25,000 dialysis patients in the UK and to the National Kidney Federation. Evidence is now very clear that patients prefer to dialyse at home, if suitable, and those that do, experience impressive benefit and can, in some instances, look forward to a longer life. The NKF supported by Baxter have developed a campaign that has already persuaded both government and the NHS of the benefits of home dialysis."
Chief executive, National Kidney Foundation



Team overview - The Simponi cross-functional brand team

Company: MSD

To achieve launch readiness excellence MSD positioned its strong marketers and cross functional brand team personnel to work on the Simponi launch.

Simponi is a novel monthly subcutaneous anti-TNF, which differentiates around its frequency of dosing, its formulation (that provides fewer injection site reactions)  and its mode of delivery via a state of the art auto-injector. For these differentiations to be maximised MSD developed a pre-launch strategy of 'Shape the product, shape the market and shape the company'.

Through effective team working and operational effectiveness, the team delivered great results that promise to see Simponi achieve a new patient market leadership within two years.



Judges' comments

"There's an entrepreneurial spirit at MSD, where everyone is doing something meaningful for patients and this team is no exception. Great cross functional working and communication."




Team overview - Lipitor regional brand team

Company: Pfizer

2009 provided a number of unique challenges for the Lipitor Regional Brand Team, both internally and externally.

Structural and organisational challenges had impact at all levels of the company and required the brand team leadership to be acutely aware of the team dynamic and motivation. Both the quality and frequency of inter team contact was reviewed and a number of new working practices put into place to ensure that the team could meet the challenge and achieve what was expected of them within the wider business setting.

External challenges were rife, particularly with access and reimbursement issues and the team responded quickly and effectively to protect significant sources of revenue for Lipitor across their markets.



Judges' comments

"This was an impressive team performance in the context of an increasingly challenging environment and against a background of significant structural and organisational change. They exceeded even their own stretching financial targets."



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Key dates

Entry deadline 26 August 2021
Extended entry deadline 2 September 2021*
*additional fee applies
Judging Day 1 October 2021
Company of the Year Interviews 22 October 2021
PMEA Event 24 November 2021