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Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships

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Judging criteria:

Evidence of deep market and customer insight (10)

  • Demonstrate how you gained deep and meaningful insights into customer needs and partner’s/partners’ objectives.

Clarity and appropriateness of objectives (10)

  • Demonstrate how your objectives related to the alignment of all/ multiple stakeholders and reinforced each other.
  • Shared objectives, showing rigour and ambition

Quality of strategy development based on insights (15)

  • Clearly demonstrate how you aimed to address yours and partner’s/partners’ needs in your strategy to improve health outcomes.
  • Demonstrate what specific insights led to your choice of particular strategy

Quality of execution (10)

  • Demonstration of partnership between two or more stakeholders
  • Pooled skills, resources and experience.

Quality of measurement and learning (10)

  • Demonstrate how metrics have been applied to measure outcomes, take further action and enable learning
  • Demonstrate how data captured is being leveraged and used to adapt strategy and tactics on an ongoing basis.

Scalable (10)

  • Evidence of scalability across the UK (and beyond) appropriate geographic area.

Evidence of improved health outcomes and value (15)

  • Evidence of changed perceptions and behaviours that will deliver improved health outcomes
  • Evidence of real-world health outcomes.

Providers of healthcare services and support (such as patient groups) around the world (such as the NHS in the UK), social care services and the pharmaceutical industry share a common agenda to improve patient care outcomes through high-quality, cost-effective treatment and management.

The common agenda is to improve patient outcomes through joint working to ensure that patients get optimal care, with support to help them maximise the benefits of treatment across health and social care.

Eligible work will demonstrate joint development and implementation of patient-centred projects together with shared commitment to successful delivery. These may have operated at a local or national level.

Potential entrants might include:

  • Pharmaceutical company brand teams
  • Pharmaceutical company communications teams
  • Healthcare agencies and consultancies
  • Providers of healthcare services and support around the world (such as the NHS/Department of Health in the UK).

This category relates to work carried out between January 2016 and June 2018.

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