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Excellence in Marketing Established Products

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Judging criteria:

Excellence in creating market and customer insight

  • Demonstrate how you gained in-depth understanding of your market and customer (payer, physician and patient) needs

Clarity and appropriateness of objectives

  • Demonstrate how your objectives related to all stakeholders and reinforced each other

Quality of strategy development based on insights

  • Evidence as to how payer/physician/patient needs were addressed
  • Evidence of resource allocation decisions based on customers’ needs and value
  • Evidence of effective differentiation and value

Quality of execution

  • Evidence of differentiated content being provided in a meaningful way to customers via an integrated multichannel programme
  • Evidence of customer engagement and positive supportive statements

Quality of measurement and learning  

  • Demonstrate how metrics have been applied to measure outcomes
  • Evidence of knowledge gained that will inform and shape future decision-making

Evidence of improved health outcomes

  • Evidence of multifunctional working.

This category recognises work that has succeeded in defining perceptions of positioning and performance of a brand from 3 years after launch, leading to behavioural change that resulted in improved performance.

Work may be global, regional or UK-specific. Brands within the global Markets other European countries or UK are eligible.

Work conducted during the 18-month period between July 2015 and December 2016 will be eligible.


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