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Entry Format

Submit as a single document

Executive summary (max 200 words)

A succinct overview of your entry

If your submission is nominated for an award, only extracts from executive summaries will be published. Please ensure it does not contain confidential information. (Refer to the Judging Criteria in the Entry Kit for category specific detail).

The remainder of your entry should not exceed 2,000 words.

Situation/market analysis

A strong entry will include a description of the situation/environment before you undertook the work, in particular the key aspects of the situation that determined your strategy. For example, you might include:

  • An outline of any research and analysis that informed your decisions
  • Any insights that helped you work towards a plan or solution
  • Any key data against which you would set your objectives
  • Any critical success factors upon which your success depended.


Provide clearly defined SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based) objectives – the judges recommend no more than five – that relate to both your business and to other stakeholders, such as patients, professionals or the healthcare system. Where possible, make clear both short- and long-term objectives (e.g. Our objective was to raise the unprompted awareness of this condition from 40% to 80% over the course of the campaign (short term, e.g. 6 months) and to increase referral rates for this patient group from 25% to 50% (long term, e.g. 2 years)).


Describe your strategy in terms of where you focused your resources and activity. Please make clear where you focused your effort and where you did not. Please make clear how this strategy differed from your previous work and that of your competitors, if at all.

Methods and Tactics

Describe your methods and tactics clearly. In particular, it will show how they were consistent with the strategy and how they combined together to achieve your goals. For example, you might include:

  • How your strategy informed your choice of methods and tactics?
  • What methods and tactics did you employ?
  • What methods and tactics did you decide were not appropriate?
  • What organisational changes did you make to help implement the methods and tactics?
  • How did you work with people or organisations outside of your business to help implement the methods and tactics?

Outcomes vs objectives

A key element of every entry is the ability to demonstrate the outcomes delivered against each of your objectives.

Link these to the judging criteria for the particular category (each category judges slightly differently due to the nature of the challenge; refer to the Judging Criteria for each category for more specific detail).

For example, you might include, for each objective:

  • How was your progress measured against objectives?
  • What did you learn as the initiative progressed?
  • What corrective actions did you have to take, if any?
  • What objectives did you fail to achieve, if any, and what have you learned from that?
  • What health outcomes did you affect by your efforts?

Finally, strong entries will describe how the achievement of individual objectives combined to achieve/create a positive impact both for your business and for other stakeholders, such as patients, professionals and payers.

Stakeholder and client verdicts

Provide at least one testimonial from an external stakeholder supporting the outcomes achieved (against your objectives).

Include contact details for the stakeholder(s) for verification purposes within your supporting materials.

Lessons Learned

Make clear what lessons were learned from this work and what, if anything, you would do differently if you had to carry out the same work again.


  • Submit as a single document
  • Follow the entry format (you must use the entry submission document)
  • No cover sheets or appendices should be attached
  • Make sure the work fits the eligibility period for the specific categories
  • Email entry form and entry submission form to

Entry forms and your submission should be emailed to
Amy Watson:


Key dates

Entry deadline 29 August 2019
Extended entry deadline 5 September 2019*
*additional fee applies
Judging day 26 September 2019
Company/Team Interviews 9 October 2019
PMEA Event 27 November 2019