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Award for Patient-Centricity

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Judging criteria

Below is where the judges will be focusing their scores. Write your entries accordingly.

Evidence of deep market and customer / patient / carer insight (15)

  • Demonstrate how you gained deep and meaningful insights into patient needs throughout their journey, and where interventions could lead to better outcomes

Clarity and appropriateness of objectives (10)

  • Demonstrate how your objectives related to all stakeholders and reinforced each other
  • The rigour and ambition of your objective setting

Quality of strategy development based on insights (15)

  • Demonstrate how you aimed to address patient needs in your strategy
  • Demonstrate what specific insights led to your choice of particular strategy.

Quality of execution (10)

  • Evidence of differentiation and enhanced value for or engagement of the patient

Quality of learning (10)

  • Demonstrate how metrics have been applied to measure outcomes, take further action and enable learning
  • Demonstrate how collaboration with stakeholders took place  along the patient journey to more fully understand needs and opportunities
  • Demonstrate how data captured is being leveraged and used to adapt strategy and tactics on an ongoing basis

Quality of changed perceptions and behaviours that will deliver improved health outcomes (15)

  • Measure of change in patient behaviours or outcomes
  • Direct patient feedback
  • Evidence of customer, patient or carer engagement and positive supportive statements from patients (and, where appropriate, HCPs).

Patient-centricity is a mindset that challenges organisations to engage and collaborate with patients to get critical input to determine the best strategy that will improve patient outcomes.

This category recognises work that has put the patient centre stage in the development of strategy, which may involve a change of culture and staff upskilling to create alignment towards a common cause and ensure patient-centricity across the entire product cycle. The process should be transformational and clearly demonstrate that the patient and not the product has been foremost in mind throughout.

It can include (but is not limited to):

  • Development of skills and expertise that enabled teams (from R&D through to commercial) to focus on the needs of the patient
  • Defining outcome measures based on meeting patient needs as well as clinical indicators
  • Evidence of patient involvement in materials development or testing
  • Engaging the patient or carer in co-development of support solutions
  • The role of technology in collating patient data or patient insight generation
  • Collation of real-world evidence to inform strategies to improve outcomes

This category relates to work carried out between January 2018 and June 2019.


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Key dates

Entry deadline 29 August 2019
Extended entry deadline 5 September 2019*
*additional fee applies
Judging day 26 September 2019
Company/Team Interviews 9 October 2019
PMEA Event 27 November 2019