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Excellence in Pharma Brand Management (New for 2019)

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Judging criteria:

Evidence of deep market and customer insight (15)

  • Demonstrate how you gained deep and meaningful insights into patient/ physician/ payer needs needs
  • Demonstrate how you conducted an internal and external analysis for the brand to underpin your brand strategy

Clarity and appropriateness of objectives (10)

  • Demonstrate how your objectives related to all stakeholders and to the brand’s strengths and weaknesses as well as reinforcing each other by developing and enhancing the brand.
  • The rigour and ambition of your objective-setting

Quality of strategy development based on insights (15)

  • Demonstrate you built a brand strategy as a cross-functional team to address the insights from your market insight and situational analysis
  • Demonstrate how you built and/or continue to build on a brand purpose, essence, values to address customer insights and competitive market dynamics

Quality of execution (10)

  • Evidence of excellence in execution of tactics in the brand plan across priority customer segments and different functions
  • Evidence translation of the brand’s purpose, essence and values within customer engagement tactics to engage the hearts and minds of customers

Quality of measurement and learning (10)

  • Demonstrate which metrics were selected to monitor the strategic and operational effectiveness of the brand strategy and tactics
  • Demonstrate which KPIs were most effective in managing the brand and key challenges and learnings

Quality of changed perceptions and behaviours that will deliver improved health outcomes (10)

  • Evidence of customer engagement and positive supportive statements from HCPs or other customer groups
  • Evidence of improved patient outcomes from effective brand management

This award highlights the importance of effective brand management to deliver strong business performance, HCP engagement and patient outcomes.

It recognises cross-functional brand teams who have worked closely with physicians, payers and patients to create brand plans, strategies and tactics that deliver a strong business performance at any stage of the product lifecycle – from launch, growth to maturity – overcoming competitive, environmental or internal challenges to deliver measurable change in diagnosis, treatment and improved patient outcomes.  This can relate to work conducted by local country, regional or global and for a single brand or franchise/portfolio.

Eligible initiatives will have demonstrated:

  • Effective cross-functional team development of a brand plan
  • Insights from the external environment, payers, physicians, patients to create a robust brand strategy
  • Effective execution of tactics to deliver strong customer engagement and improved patient outcomes
  • A strong set of KPIs and metrics to measure strategic and operational performance.

Potential entrants might include:

  • Providers of healthcare services around the world (such as the NHS/Department of Health in the UK)
  • Pharmaceutical or consumer healthcare company brand teams
  • Healthcare agencies/consultancies.

Work conducted during the two-year period between July 2017 and June 2019 will be eligible.


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Key dates

Entry deadline 29 August 2019
Extended entry deadline 5 September 2019*
*additional fee applies
Judging day 26 September 2019
Company/Team Interviews 9 October 2019
PMEA Event 27 November 2019