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Excellence in Capability Development

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Judging criteria:

Rationale for the capability development objectives established (20)

  • Clear diagnosis of the development need
  • Vision of the desired future

Clarity and appropriateness of SMART objectives (10)

  • Definition of the desired outcomes and/or future for the business
  • Demonstrate your specific learning objectives for the various participants

Quality of strategy development (10)

  • Option development
  • Option selection with rationale for choosing this one
  • Clear description of the development process chosen

Quality of execution (10)

  • Development of a mindset of belief in the changes required by the development
  • Evidence that the desired capabilities have been developed
  • Evidence of improved business outcomes
  • Evidence of engagement and positive supportive statements from stakeholders

Quality of measurement and learning (15)

  • Demonstrate how metrics have been applied to measure outcomes
  • Evidence of how knowledge and skills gained will inform and shape future decision-making
  • Evidence of how the capability has been embedded into normal business practice

Evidence of improved business outcomes (10)

  • Evidence of engagement and positive supportive statements
  • Evidence of changes in skills, perceptions and/or behaviours

In any effective organisation, training and capability development initiatives are critical to bringing about real and sustained change and value creation.

People need to be trained to develop new skills, new ways of working to enable them to do business in the challenging healthcare environment and lay the foundations for future success. Such initiatives need to be well planned, sustainable and integrated into overall direction and strategy.

This category is intended to recognise and commend excellence in the development and implementation of these training and capability development programmes.

Entries are invited from any pharmaceutical/life sciences companies or trade associations (or via their support agencies) that have had defined programmes in areas such as:

  • Marketing teams
  • Customer service
  • Product-related services
  • Professional/corporate relations
  • Training departments.

Work conducted during the 18-month period between December 2018 and June 2020 will be eligible.


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