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Darwin's Medicine blog

Professor Brian D Smith is an authority on the pharmaceutical industry and works at SDA Bocconi University and Hertfordshire Business School.

We've got this!

26 Jun 2020

Our industry has evolved before and we will again

  • Evolving at home

    28 May 2020

    How we work from home will evolve in a Darwinian way, too

  • Covidian selection

    27 Apr 2020

    COVID-19 will trigger a spurt of change in the life sciences industry and, perhaps, a brighter future

  • Darwin abstraction Awesome abstraction

    23 Mar 2020

    Business development deals and commercial operating models show the power of Generalised Darwinism

  • darwins medicine Digital divergence

    21 Feb 2020

    Combining digital and pharma is proving less easy than previously thought

  • darwins medicine Blood will out

    22 Jan 2020

    Think carefully about the DNA you’re acquiring

  • darwins medicine Blind man's buff

    06 Dec 2019

    Evolution can explain, and reduce, industry failings as well as its successes

  • darwins medicine The end of pharma

    13 Nov 2019

    Some parts of our industry may go the way of the kitchen display cabinet and the word processor

  • darwins medicine Breaking the cookie cutter

    16 Oct 2019

    Differentiated strategies need differentiated thinking

  • darwins medicine Why Marry?

    25 Sep 2019

    Just like people, firms marry for many different reasons

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