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Cultivating a learner-led culture: agile learning and the growth mindset

Organisations that follow traditional models of learning and development will falter

Michelle Sweet

In this fast-paced industry, self-improvement and development are key. Med comms is full of extremely talented and highly motivated individuals keen to improve their knowledge, skills and experience in order to flourish and be competitive within their field.

Organisations that can accommodate the desires of their employees to be up-skilled, on-demand and with content tailored to their needs, will have an edge over those that stick to traditional models of learning and development. Essentially, today’s environment lends itself well to a learner-led approach. This approach empowers learners to express their interests, strengths and areas for development and to co-design and monitor their progress. ­Access to learning must be flexible: it needs to complement the increasingly agile way in which we work and it needs to be available on the go, in commute-friendly, bite-sized chunks. This growth mindset is proven to get results, especially when adopted at a company level.

At Lucid Group, we are keen advocates of agile working, so we ensure our policies and infrastructure support this change, including how we approach the learning and development needs of the organisation. We recently rolled-out LinkedIn Learning, an online, on-demand, self-development platform that allows for tailored, on-the-go growth. Moving to a learner-led culture fits well with Lucid's blended learning approach, encouraging individual ownership of their learning journeys.

The platform provides access to best-in-class content that can support employees in managing and tailoring their own learning, feeding into their personal development plans. There are options to create learning pathways, comprised of recommended and trending learning materials to supplement company-provided development programmes. Lucid will be using one such pathway focused on leadership and management to support our recently launched leadership programme ‘Leading with Impact’, delivered to approximately 40 of our business leaders. Carefully selected content will provide an on-demand toolkit to help consolidate and keep their learning fresh, and is available whenever needed.

Since launching the partnership with LinkedIn Learning, Lucid has seen high levels of engagement and connection, with higher than average adoption and usage of the platform. The tailored, easy-to-navigate options, and the ‘something for everyone’ library of content, have kept employees motivated to access and learn.

However, it’s still early days and a learner-led environment can’t be created overnight; it requires a significant change in the learners’ mindset – they must be motivated. Nevertheless, given the commitment Lucid has shown to creating an agile workplace, a learner-led environment complements it well, reflecting the pioneering spirit and human-centricity inherent within its culture.

By Michelle Sweet, Learning and Development Consultant, Lucid Group

7th May 2019


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