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Pharmaceutical Market Europe - June 2019

Our cover star this month is a plucky little bronze statue called Fearless Girl. She originally took up her defiant pose outside the New York Stock Exchange, but can currently be found in London outside London’s own stock exchange.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - May 2019

We are currently just at the beginning of the cell and gene therapy revolution, one which promises to cure previously untreatable diseases – and all with a single treatment.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - April 2019

The long-running row between Vertex and NHS England and NICE over Orkambi has been a low point in the world of UK market access

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - March 2019

The EMA’s departure is a tragedy for the UK – but we’re heading for a bigger one

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - February 2019

The very idea of being able to edit our genes still sounds like something from science fiction, but in 2019, it is now very much a scientific reality.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - January 2019

Just a few years into the New Year, the $74bn acquisition of Celgene by BMS has woken us all up from our post-festive slump with a bang. The merger is the fourth biggest ever, and could spark more multi-billion dollar M&A deals over the next 12 months.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - December 2018

Is a European consensus on HTA possible?

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - November 2018

Can pharma ‘take back control’ of the narrative? Amid all the strong emotional reactions and reasoned arguments that Brexit evokes, the most common response today in the UK and Europe is simple: please let it be over soon.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - October 2018

This issue is a mix of fresh news, views and analysis from the world of pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - September 2018

This issue is a mix of fresh news, views and analysis from the world of pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - July/August 2018

Patients with otherwise intractable diseases infused with a single dose of genetically modified cells and then cured of their condition sounded like science fiction until very recently, but the cell and gene therapy revolution has most definitely arrived.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - June 2018

Women have always played a crucial role in healthcare, even when they were far from being men’s equals in society: from Florence Nightingale to Rosalind Franklin, from Marie Curie to Frances Oldham Kelsey, there have been plenty of female heroes and pioneers if you knew where to look.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - May 2018

We start off looking at the newly released 2018 edition of the Drugs to Watch Report, with 12 blockbusters predicted to launch this year. There is hope that some of these new drugs may help patients who are dealing with several of the most unmanageable diseases.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - April 2018

In this month’s PME Dr Peter Jackson from the AMR Centre, which plays a key role in the UK’s response, gives us a rundown on the state of antimicrobial resistance across the world and the pharmaceutical industry’s response to this.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - March 2018

Pharma’s transition continues apace, as the real, game-changing innovation it creates in areas such as cancer and hepatitis sees the question of how to reward these advances become evermore pressing.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - February 2018

In this month’s PME there's insight from UCB, Insmed and Merck

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - January 2018

As a new year begins, and you review your plans for 2018, PME this month fastens its seatbelt for a timely look at strategic planning.

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - December 2017

In PME’s last issue for 2017 we look at marketing excellence, HTA and PMEA 2017

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - November 2017

In the November issue of PME behaviour change looms large, with Sanofi’s global head of patient solutions Dr Anne Beal talking to us about the company’s new behavioural science advisory board

Pharmaceutical Market Europe - October 2017

In the October issue of PME we look at pharma’s measured progress with multichannel marketing, how the nature of competition is changing and hear from Janssen’s Johan van Hoof

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