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Tackling pharma’s regulatory issues in digital marketing

Limited guidance means finding out, and following, internal best practice

When it comes to pharmacovigilance and social media, there is limited guidance on it. So if a company is pursuing a particular digital activity then it has to follow internal best practices.

This of course means engaging with the right people within the company to find out exactly what best practice means in this context.

Marketers could choose not to worry too much about regulatory intricacies, as long as they engage the right people in their company when they start a project so they have access to the right advice.

But digital marketing expert Kai Gait says that is not the best policy.

“Compliance is always highlighted as an issue and marketers can't leave it to their approval teams to understand how digital is evolving,” he says.

“Marketers need to improve their own compliance knowledge and work to educate their teams around digital to maximise the opportunities available to them,” he concludes.

3rd April 2012



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