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The right direction

Raising awareness of embryo donation in Seattle and Washington DC

Published: 05 Dec 2010

The right direction

Client: RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

Agency: Spectrum

Campaign: The Destination: Family

Timescale: September – November 2009

A quick look

In just eight weeks, Spectrum’s pay-per-click Destination: Family initiative resulted in 1.64 million video impressions and raised awareness of embryo donation for RESOLVE: The National Fertility Assocation among women aged 25-49 in Washington DC from 42 percent to 56 percent. Deemed an industry first, the success of the campaign highlighted that online communication provides a powerful channel through which to boost awareness and educate people about the options available to them.


In 2009, Spectrum was tasked with developing a public service announcement and targeted media outreach campaign on the topic of embryo donation for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. The program was funded by a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to be implemented in two markets, Seattle and Washington, DC, where benchmark surveys were conducted to determine baseline awareness of the topic.

During the Seattle phase of the campaign, after several months of effort, our traditional media outreach program and PSA campaign had not yielded significant results. In fact, the post-campaign survey showed that the campaign did not achieve an overall increase in awareness about embryo donation.

Upon assessing our strategies and tactics, we took a different approach – redirecting our efforts around the development of a targeted Facebook pay-per-click ad campaign in Seattle. This strategy moved the needle, increasing awareness among women, ages 25 to 54, from 15 percent  to 24 percent following the campaign.


Given the Seattle results, we knew we wanted to continue the digital momentum in the Washington, DC market. Based on the success of the small Facebook ad run in Seattle, we shifted a majority of the remaining budget to digital activities for the Washington, DC phase of the campaign.

Our overall objective was to inform women, in the age ranges of 20s to 40s, about embryo donation and position RESOLVE as a leading resource for embryo donation.

The Destination: Family digital paid media campaign was an awareness initiative targeted toward women ages 25 to 49 in the greater Washington, DC area. It included Facebook ads, which had demonstrated a positive return on investment in Seattle, online banner ads and a 30-second Web PSA with relevant video footage of couples, which personalized the ads for viewers.

The pay-per-click program displayed banner and TV ads across major online advertising platforms, such as Google, as well as online gaming sites used by women.

Messaging across all ads aimed to tell those whose ultimate “destination” is a family,  that there are different ways to get there. Every ad included RESOLVE’s URL (, with the goal of driving traffic to RESOLVE for more resources and information. The specific destination was a Family Building Options webpage featuring information on family building options including embryo donation.


The campaign used sophisticated targeting tools and techniques to deliver millions of ad impressions to women aged 25-50 in the greater Washington, DC area (more than 50 million) and to send more than 40,000 viewers to the Family Building Options page. The most notable component of the eight-week pay-per-click campaign was the resulting 1.64 million video impressions which incited a strong click-through rate 1.48 percent overall.

The primarily digital media campaign  was deemed a huge success, with survey results showing an increase in awareness from 42 percent to 50 percent. In households with incomes over $100,000, awareness increased from 42 percent to 56 percent.

Building on the success of the digital campaign, in 2010, Spectrum expanded RESOLVE’s digital presence and alignment with embryo donation by developing a separate microsite,, completely dedicated to embryo donation.

Client verdict


This campaign provided definitive proof that online advertising, when used as an lone communications vehicle, has the power to impact audience opinions and awareness levels. Toward that end, The Destination: Family campaign was deemed an industry first by many in the communications arena, and highlighted by high-profile entities, including Google, who spotlighted the campaign in their Public Sector blog.


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