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Check, treat, complete

Positioning Hedrin as the head lice authority among parents and pharmacists

Published: 30 Aug 2011


The campaign helped to empower parents to manage head lice.

Client: Thornton & Ross

Agency: Pegasus PR

Campaign: Getting Ahead of Head Lice

Timescale: April 2010 to March 2011

A quick look

Hedrin’s comprehensive and groundbreaking report into head lice management uncovered a huge knowledge gap among pharmacists and parents about how to manage head lice. The development of best practice golden rules, the launch of a pharmacy training programme and promotion of a educational campaign for parents, combined great creativity with clear, concise and consistent advice. The campaign positioned Hedrin as the head lice authority among parents and pharmacists. As a result, the brand’s market share has continued to grow steadily.


Approximately one in 10 children suffer from head lice at any one time and the problem can cause a great deal of anxiety and distress.  Hedrin is a non pesticide treatment that is considered by many as the new gold standard, however research showed that this was not always reflected by advice given by healthcare professionals to parents.


Become the authority in head lice management
Align the Hedrin brand with head lice expertise and simple but certain head lice advice, acting as thought leader for the sector.

Research report
• Hedrin commissioned a report called 'Getting ahead of head lice: a study into head lice management in the UK' to understand the barriers to effective head lice management

Golden rules of head lice management
• A roundtable event was organised inviting leading head lice experts, community pharmacists and journalists who agree 'the golden rules of head lice management'

Pharmacy training
• A unique training programme targeted at pharmacists and counter assistants was developed.

Become the consumer champion
Help parents feel better informed and more empowered to manage head lice.

Once a week, take a peek
• Promoted educational campaign for parents with memorable strap line to encourage weekly checking – leaflets offered for free via the campaign website, providing clear, easy-to-follow advice

Launch of Hedrin Once
• Hedrin Once kills all head lice and eggs in just 15 minutes without the need for a repeat treatment
• A media briefing event was held with 15 key journalists attending
• Media outreach focused on securing coverage that made parents feel empowered and confident that they could manage head lice.


Hedrin as the head lice authority
• All campaign elements collaborated to position Hedrin as the authority on head lice management. 58 per cent of media coverage reinforced the authority message

Pharmacy training programme
• 1,903 requests for the training had been received with materials distributed for 6,028 pharmacy workers
• A follow-up questionnaire revealed 100 per cent feel better informed about head lice management as a result of the training

Media coverage
• 164 items of Hedrin branded media coverage appeared, generating over 148 million opportunities to see

Once a Week, Take a Peek  
• Over 450,000 leaflets requested with thousands of people accessing the campaign website every month.


Client verdict

"The campaign combined great creativity with a clear and concise message for parents and empowered schools and healthcare professionals. The activity, which is now being replicated internationally, complemented the rest of the marketing mix and audiences responded positively – cementing Hedrin’s position as market leader."
Caroline Wheeler, Hedrin Marketing Manager

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