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The most viewed healthcare terms

The terms and definitions that have received the most views since we launched the PMliVE Glossary.

  • Moving annual total (MAT)
    The total value of a variable, such as sales figures for a product, over the course of the previous 12 months. This is a rolling yearly sum, so changes at the end of each month with data from the new month added to the total and data from the first month of the period taken away
  • Concept development and testing
    A stage in the product (or service) development process where marketers attempt to obtain initial feedback about their ideas from both external and internal stakeholders
  • Marketing decision support system (MDSS)
    A system used to manipulate a collection of data to interpret and explore potential business scenarios in order to make management decisions
  • Marketing cost analysis
    Examining the cost associated with each individual marketing activity to assess the profitability of each
  • Peer to peer (P2P) marketing
    A promotional technique where customers are encouraged to promote the product to other potential customers. Examples include web sites that offer discounts to customers who recruit new members for the site
  • Equivalent advertising value (EAV)
    EAV is generally used by the Public Relations Industry as a device to measure the advantage to a client from media coverage of a PR campaign
  • Brand reinforcement
    Reassuring current beliefs or attitudes towards a brand. This is often a common advertising objective
  • Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Response (DAGMAR)
    Describes a model for planning advertising in such a way that its success can be quantitatively monitored
  • Decision making unit (DMU)
    The team of people in an organisation who make the final buying decision
  • Cost consequences analysis (CCA)
    This is a form of economic evaluation in which the outcomes (of which a variety of measures are normally presented) are reported separately from costs
  • DRIP Framework
    Differentiate - Reinforce - Inform – Pursuade. This is a marketing communications model
  • Key success factor (KSF)
    Those functions, activities, or business practices, defined by the market not the company, and as viewed by customers that are critical to the company/customer relationship
  • Unstructured observation
    A market research study in which notes are taken by an observer on the behavior of participants involved in the study
  • Cost-effectiveness league table (healthcare economics)
    The league table comprises a list of healthcare interventions in ascending order (from low to high) of their incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER). The ICER is frequently expressed as cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) gained. If the goal of the healthcare system is to generate as many QALYs as possible, then a cost per QALY league table represents a prioritised list of interventions, from high priority (low cost per QALY) to low priority (high cost per QALY)
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB)
    The professional body for pharmacists and the regulatory body for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in England, Scotland and Wales
  • ACE PR Value
    An industry view that the value of PR is 2.5 times more than that of advertising taking into account the high editorial involvement and content
  • Brand revitalisation
    The marketing strategy employed when a brand has reached maturity and profits begin to decline. Approaches to revitalisation may include one or all of market expansion, product modification or brand repositioning
  • Unstructured question
    A question used in market research that does not influence the answer of the respondent
  • Reinforcement advertising
    Advertising that aims to ensure that people who have already purchased the company's product have made the right choice, as well as how to best take advantage of the product
  • Dichotomous question
    A closed question where there can be only two answers, commonly 'yes' or 'no' 

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