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The most viewed healthcare terms

The terms and definitions that have received the most views since we launched the PMliVE Glossary.

  • Internal marketing
    A process occurring within an organisation where employees at all management levels are encouraged to support and promote the organisation's goals, delivering the most effective experience for customers. This can include increasing understanding of business strategy and raising awareness of the company’s products and services
  • Tactical planning
    Breaking down a company's wider strategic plan into more short-term, specific and deliverable tactics
  • Geo-demographics
    A method of analysis combining geographic and demographic variables
  • Guerrilla marketing
    The strategy of targeting small and specialised customer groups in such a way that bigger companies will not find it worthwhile to retaliate
  • Recall test
    Evaluating the effectiveness of a company's advertising campaign by asking members of the campaign's target audience to recall advertising messages they may have read, heard or viewed
  • Clinical trial enrolment
    The act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process
  • Contextual marketing
    A digital marketing term, in its simplest form contextual marketing shows a user adverts based on terms for which they have searched. More advanced applications pull adverts based on the content of a website being viewed, or on an individual's browsing habits
  • Global Health Index
    An index of health status that combines all aspects of patient functioning into a single number
  • Database marketing

    Where customer information, stored in an electronic database, is used for targeting marketing activities. Information can be a mixture of what is gleaned from previous interactions with the customer and what is available from outside sources.

    See also Customer relationship management

  • Generic medicine
    Generic medicines are drugs marketed without a brand name. A generic medicine is marketed in accordance with patent law after the patent of the original product expires. It contains the same active substance as the original brand name medicinal product and is identified either by its own brand name (branded generic) or by its internationally approved proprietary scientific (generic) name
  • Brand extension
    The process by which a company develops new products to be marketed under an existing, well-known brand name 
  • Differentiation
    Ensuring that products and services have a unique element to allow them to stand out from the rest 
  • Customer focus
    The organisational orientation that focuses on satisfying the needs of potential and actual customers. Customer focus is considered a key element of business success
  • Likert scale
    In a market research questionnaire, a scaling technique that measures how much a respondent 'agrees' or 'disagrees' with a statement. A scale will have an odd number of choices, and an equal amount of options either side of a 'neutral' response.
  • Inducements
    An incentive for a customer to commit to a purchase, eg 'special offers'
  • Porter's 'Five Forces'
    A model for industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E Porter of Harvard Business School professor, Michael E Porter. The five forces the model bases its analysis around are buyers, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants and rivals 
  • Collateral PR
    Materials such as a brochure or printed information about a company. Often support media packs and therefore maintain links with the primary source
  • Reciprocal links
    Two websites both exchanging links with to each other's site
  • Business strategy
    The means by which a business works towards achieving its stated aims
  • e-Detailing
    The use of computer technology to enhance or bypass the pharmaceutical representative's traditional sales call to healthcare providers

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