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The most viewed healthcare terms

The terms and definitions that have received the most views since we launched the PMliVE Glossary.

  • Generic medicine
    Generic medicines are drugs marketed without a brand name. A generic medicine is marketed in accordance with patent law after the patent of the original product expires. It contains the same active substance as the original brand name medicinal product and is identified either by its own brand name (branded generic) or by its internationally approved proprietary scientific (generic) name
  • Business strategy
    The means by which a business works towards achieving its stated aims
  • Global Health Index
    An index of health status that combines all aspects of patient functioning into a single number
  • Prescribing Analysis and Cost (PACT)
    A national data set recording the cost of volume of prescriptions given by GPs. This is used to monitor and control prescribing cost and to set prescribing budgets
  • Commission on Human Medicines (CHM)
    Part of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), CHM was established in October 2005 combining the responsibilities of Medicines Commission and the Committee on Safety of Medicines
  • Collateral PR
    Materials such as a brochure or printed information about a company. Often support media packs and therefore maintain links with the primary source
  • Price maker
    A producer who has enough market power to influence prices
  • Opportunities to hear (OTH)
    The number of chances a listener will get to hear an advertisment
  • Geo-demographics
    A method of analysis combining geographic and demographic variables
  • Customer focus
    The organisational orientation that focuses on satisfying the needs of potential and actual customers. Customer focus is considered a key element of business success
  • Inducements
    An incentive for a customer to commit to a purchase, eg 'special offers'
  • Database marketing

    Where customer information, stored in an electronic database, is used for targeting marketing activities. Information can be a mixture of what is gleaned from previous interactions with the customer and what is available from outside sources.

    See also Customer relationship management

  • Market penetration pricing
    A pricing strategy involving setting a relatively low price for a product during the introductory stage of its life-cycle to gain a share of the market which can be built upon
  • Unique visitor
    A specific IP address visiting a website for the first time in a certain period – usually a month or longer
  • Focus groups
    A tool for market research where small groups of customers are invited to participate in guided discussions on the topic being researched  
  • Behavioural targeting
    A digital marketing term used to refer to the technology employed to target users with advertisements based on previous browsing behaviour and patterns 
  • Recall test
    Evaluating the effectiveness of a company's advertising campaign by asking members of the campaign's target audience to recall advertising messages they may have read, heard or viewed
  • Fair balance
    In direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising, fair balance refers to the presentation of accurate and fair assessment of the risks, as well as the benefits of the drug
  • Supply chain
    The linked system involved in the production and delivery of a product. Links include manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
  • Clinical trial enrolment
    The act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process

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