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The most viewed healthcare terms

The terms and definitions that have received the most views since we launched the PMliVE Glossary.

  • Food And Drug Administration (FDA)
    The US Department of Health and Human Services agency responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of all drugs, vaccines and medical devices
  • Geo-demographics
    A method of analysis combining geographic and demographic variables
  • Likert scale
    In a market research questionnaire, a scaling technique that measures how much a respondent 'agrees' or 'disagrees' with a statement. A scale will have an odd number of choices, and an equal amount of options either side of a 'neutral' response.
  • Competitors
    Companies that sell products or services in the same marketplace as one another
  • Cost per thousand (CPM)
    This is a standard measurement used for determining the cost effectiveness for a specific medium or channel. Calculated by dividing the rate or specific advertisement cost by the circulation or number of readers/ users
  • Strategic business unit (SBU)
    An entity within a larger firm that works within the overall corporate identity, but serves its own defined external market
  • Sensitive data
    Personal information of individuals, including racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs and health
  • Collateral PR
    Materials such as a brochure or printed information about a company. Often support media packs and therefore maintain links with the primary source
  • Penetration pricing
    The use of low pricing for a product to gain as much market share as possible in as quick a time as possible
  • Marketing mix
    The controllable inputs behind how a company pursues its marketing objectives. These are traditionally 'the 4 Ps': product, price, promotion and place. Some have extended the list to 7 Ps however, with people, process and physical evidence joining the set of principles
  • Brand mapping
    Mapping the relative position of competing brands based on mapping of customer perceptions of the brands. Also called perceptual maps, position maps and space maps
  • Guerrilla marketing
    The strategy of targeting small and specialised customer groups in such a way that bigger companies will not find it worthwhile to retaliate
  • e-Detailing
    The use of computer technology to enhance or bypass the pharmaceutical representative's traditional sales call to healthcare providers
  • Clinical trial enrolment
    The act of signing up participants into a study. Generally this process involves evaluating a participant with respect to the eligibility criteria of the study and going through the informed consent process
  • Data processing
    The obtaining, recording and holding of information that can then be retrieved, used, disseminated or erased. The term tends to be used in connection with computer systems
  • Personal selling
    The sale of goods or services on a one-to-one business
  • Responsiveness
    The extent to which a quality-of-life instrument can detect small but clinically important changes
  • Full-service agency
    Agency or consultancy offering clients a complete range of services
  • Business strategy
    The means by which a business works towards achieving its stated aims
  • Unplanned cannibalisation
    The unintentional loss of sales for an existing company's product following the introduction of a similar product to the market

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