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The most viewed healthcare terms

The terms and definitions that have received the most views since we launched the PMliVE Glossary.

  • Respondent fatigue
    The tendency for respondents in a research project to lose interest if the study takes a great length of time to complete
  • Order bias
    A situation in market research where a questionnaire participant tends to favour certain answers because of their position in a list, with those near the end and beginning more likely to be remembered
  • Adherence
    The percentage of doses of a drug taken correctly, as prescribed, for the required period of time, adherence is a combination of compliance and persistence, ie, the correct self-administration of treatment for the study period or treatment duration. The patient makes an informed decision about treatment and agrees this with the physician.
  • Acute care
    Treatment of a disease or illness, or following an accident or trauma, which is brief but severe.
  • Affinity marketing
    Marketing targeted at individuals sharing common interests that predispose them towards a product, eg, a company marketing a calcium antagonist through a specialist cardiology journal. 
    Also, a campaign jointly sponsored by a number of disparate organisations that are non-competitive but have a common interest
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
    An executive agency of the Department of Health that is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe
  • Alpha/beta testing
    Systems for checking the likely success of a new product. Alpha relates to the internal testing and beta to the tests carried out in the marketplace
  • Market challenger
    A company already holding a major share in the market and competing with the current market leader
  • Above the fold
    Originally applied to printed media, the term is used to indicate whether a banner ad or other content is displayed on a web page without the need to scroll. In the event of adverts, appearing above the fold is more likely to give higher clickthrough rates. The location of 'the fold' within the web browser is dependent on the screen resolution of the user's computer
  • Oligopsony
    A market which contains only small amount of large buyers who make up the greatest share of purchases
  • Boston matrix
    A product portfolio evaluation tool developed by the Boston Consulting Group, the matrix categorises products into one of four classifications based on market growth and market share. 

    The four classifications are:

    Cash cow – low growth, high market share
    Star – high growth, high market share
    Problem child – high growth, low market share
    Dog – low growth, low market share
  • Patent
    The legal right of exclusive use and license granted by a government to the person who invents something. Pharmaceutical Patents nominally last for 20 years but the effective patent life is much lower because patents are typically granted years before a product has cleared review and been granted a license
  • Ad rotation
    Advertising on a website that occupy one banner position and are displayed on rotation
  • Editorial
    Written content, eg, statement of opinion from an author about a specific subject or news coverage 
  • Affiliate marketing
    A form of marketing or advertising used on the internet. Companies that sell products or services online link to relevant sites. The advertising on the other or 'affiliate' sites is paid for according to results
  • Logistics
    The process behind the movement of goods from manufacturer to customer. Includes a guide to planning, allocating, financial, human and purchasing operations
  • Performance prism
    A framework to manage and measure company performance. The stakeholders of an organisation are addressed, including investors, customers, employees and suppliers
  • Data collection
    The process of collecting market research data accomplished through interviewing or surveying
  • Cost-effectiveness threshold (health economics)
    The ceiling incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) beyond which interventions are no longer considered cost effective, reflecting the maximum value decision makers attach to health benefits. This may be stated in terms of cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) gained
  • Accredited programmes
    Learning modules that are assessed either by exam or by project-based assignments towards achieving a qualification or as part of continuing education programmes

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