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  • Unplanned cannibalisation
    The unintentional loss of sales for an existing company's product following the introduction of a similar product to the market
  • Counterfeiting
    When an organisation or individual produces a product that looks like a branded product and is packaged and presented in a manner to deceive the purchaser
  • Horizon scanning
    Exploration of future developments, opportunities and threats. Horizon scanning may explore existing issues and trends, as well as identifying new or potential issues
  • Nonverbal communications
    The transmission of messages and emotions without using words, eg body language and appearance
  • Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) (US)
    The HCFA was created in 1977 to combine under one administration the oversight of the Medicare program, the Federal portion of the Medicaid progra, and related quality assurance activities. Today, HCFA serves 67 million people, or one in four elderly, disabled and poor Americans through Medicare and Medicaid
  • Search engine ranking
    The position a website is located in a set of search results from a keyword or set of keywords
  • Media schedule
    A plan which shows the various platforms on which a company will advertise and the dates, times, durations, positions and types of advertising to be placed on them during an advertising campaign
  • Syndicated market research data
    Marketing research trend data which is supplied by research agencies from their regularly operated retail audits or customer panels 
  • Licensed
    Accredited: given official approval to act eg "licensed pharmacist"
  • Strategic health authority (SHA)
    Regional bodies created in 2002 to manage local NHS services in England. Each SHA is responsible for all NHS trusts in its area, and controls such activities as developing plans for health service improvements; making sure national priorities are integrated into local health service plans; and making sure local health services are of high quality

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