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  • Price maker
    A producer who has enough market power to influence prices
  • External analysis
    Study of the external marketing environment, including factors such as customers, competition, and social change 
  • Media evaluation
    Evaluating and assessing the suitability and effectiveness of a form of media, eg radio, television etc
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
    The profitability of customers during the lifetime of the relationship with a company or product, as opposed to the profitability of one transaction
  • Expanded access
    Refers to any of the Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) procedures, such as compassionate use, parallel track, and treatment IND that distribute experimental drugs to participants who are failing on currently available treatments for their condition and also are unable to participate in ongoing clinical trials
  • Practice Based Commissioning (PBC)
    Involving GP practices and other health and primary care professionals in the commissioning of services
  • Ambient media
    Sometimes known as 'fringe media', ambient media describes advertising that occurs in a non-standard medium, eg, advertising that appears on hot air balloons, theatre tickets, cricket pitches, even pay slips or is projected onto buildings. Not usually seen in pharmaceutical marketing except for corporate campaigns
  • Lobby
    To attempt to influence the passage or defeat of a piece of legislation, a government action or use of spending by a governing body
  • Marketing mix
    The controllable inputs behind how a company pursues its marketing objectives. These are traditionally 'the 4 Ps': product, price, promotion and place. Some have extended the list to 7 Ps however, with people, process and physical evidence joining the set of principles
  • Omnibus survey
    A marketing survey for which multiple clients purchase a share of the survey's questions, spreading the cost of the full piece of research. Each client usually only receives the portion of the questionnaire they have paid for 

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