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  • Brand extension
    The process by which a company develops new products to be marketed under an existing, well-known brand name 
  • Viral marketing
    The promotion of a product or service through social networks such as YouTube or Twitter. Users are encouraged to share innovative and entertaining promotional activity
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis (health economics)
    A form of economic evaluation in which the results are expressed as a ratio of cost per unit of health outcome, the latter is normally being expressed in 'natural units' (eg, mm Hg change in blood pressure, symptom free days) 
  • Health Status Instrument (Pharmacoeconomics)
    A collection of questionnaires, interview schedules, administrative procedures and scoring instructions for a health status measure
  • Market positioning
    The consumer perception of a product in relation to its market competitors. The company behind the product can attempt to manipulate this position
  • Competitor analysis
    A comparison of a brand against competitors. Can be measured in various ways
  • Packaging
    The material used to cover and protect goods. In medicine, this will contain a label with important information about the treatment
  • Marketing information
    The data that company's use to support decisions made in the marketing process
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
    An executive agency of the Department of Health that is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe
  • Drug usage/utilisation review (DUR)
    A pharmacoeconomic programme that reviews, analyses and interprets rates, costs and appropriateness of drug usage to assess inappropriate use, prevent adverse drug interactions and optimise appropriate use

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