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  • Positioning
    The customer's perception of a product or service, both specifically to the individual item and in relation to competitors. This is influenced both by activities from the company behind the product as well as external forces
  • Dose-ranging trial
    A clinical trial in which two or more doses of an agent (such as a drug) are tested against each other to determine which dose works best and is least harmful.
  • Endpoint
    Overall outcome that a clinical trial protocol is designed to evaluate
  • Situation analysis
    The self-examination carried out by a company before it begins the marketing planning process. Defining where a company is allows it to work out specific areas where it needs to target in its strategy
  • Marginal analysis
    A technique used to determine the impact very small changes in specific variables, such as producing one additional unit of product, can have on the system as a whole
  • Adoption curve
    Graphical representation of the rate of adoption of an innovation. The curve takes the shape of a normal statistical distribution
  • Stakeholder
    An individual, group, or organisation that has direct or indirect interest in an organization and its action, objectives and policies. Key stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders
  • Efficacy
    The effect of treatment as measured in the controlled environment of a clinical trial. A drug passes efficacy trials if it is effective at the dose tested and against the illness for which it is prescribed.
  • One to one marketing (1:1 marketing)
    A marketing approach that concentrates on treating each customers as an individual and meeting each customer's own personal needs. This type of marketing aims to develop strong, long-term relationships with each customer
  • Abbreviated advertisement (UK)
    Advertisements which are no larger than 420cm2. Abbreviated ads are exempt from the requirement to include prescribing information for the product advertised, providing they comply with specific requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice

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