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Trending healthcare terms

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  • Advocacy
    The active support of a cause or course of action
  • Brand mapping
    Mapping the relative position of competing brands based on mapping of customer perceptions of the brands. Also called perceptual maps, position maps and space maps
  • Logistics
    The process behind the movement of goods from manufacturer to customer. Includes a guide to planning, allocating, financial, human and purchasing operations
  • Acute care
    Treatment of a disease or illness, or following an accident or trauma, which is brief but severe.
  • Above the fold
    Originally applied to printed media, the term is used to indicate whether a banner ad or other content is displayed on a web page without the need to scroll. In the event of adverts, appearing above the fold is more likely to give higher clickthrough rates. The location of 'the fold' within the web browser is dependent on the screen resolution of the user's computer
  • Normal distribution
    A popular probable measure of distribution. On a graph, this follows a bell shape around the mean, with a higher number of figures close to this result and lower levels near the extremities of the graph
  • Premium pricing
    Setting a high price for a product to reflect its quality and exclusivity 
  • Seeding trial
    A form of market research used in clinical drug trials where the objective is not to test the safety and efficacy of a medical intervention, but to introduce the concept of a particular device or treatment to physicians to see how the product might perform in the marketplace
  • Field experiments
    Research or pilots conducted in the actual setting 
  • Monopsony
    A market situation when there is a single buyer (eg government purchase of drugs)

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