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The digital transformation of market research

How technology is bringing new clarity to the patient voice

The digital transformation of market researchRegulators, payers and medical professionals recognise the patient voice as the missing link in maximising value from the global healthcare bill. Harnessing that voice has never been easy: patients do not speak with one voice, even when they have the same disease. They do not pretend to be impartial when it comes to securing resources for their condition, and many struggle to appraise the risks and benefits of treatments. Despite this, the patient voice continues to gain traction rapidly among all stakeholders in the healthcare world.

Initiatives are being implemented worldwide as notions of patient centricity finally start translating into healthcare practices and cultures that are more open, engaging and accountable. In addition to empowered patients taking control of their own disease education via Dr Google, regulators and payers also are driving this patient-led revolution in healthcare because they want real-world evidence that enables them to continue appraising the safety, efficacy and value of medicines over their full lifecycle.

But the movement to make healthcare more accountable and more responsive to patients is not limited to these players. How patients take their medicines, how they respond, what they think of them, and what else they do to help their condition have become critical to the changing healthcare landscape in the US and across the world.

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Article by
Brian Mondry

vice president, integrated strategies & digital solutions, Kantar Health

28th May 2014

Article by
Brian Mondry

vice president, integrated strategies & digital solutions, Kantar Health

28th May 2014

From: Sales, Marketing, Healthcare



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