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Ad campaign to launch MS Week 08

The UK Multiple Sclerosis society has kicked off MS Week 2008 with a new ad campaign designed at raising awareness of disease management
The UK Multiple Sclerosis (MS) society has kicked off MS Week 2008 with a new ad campaign designed at raising awareness of disease management.

Four adverts will be run in the UK during the disease awareness week and will use the experiences of those affected by MS to convey the society's message. Using the words and images of disease sufferers, the campaign has been designed to inform people about the MS Society and how to better manager their disease.

MS Society chief executive, Simon Gillespie, said: "This MS Week, we want people to pick up the phone, get online, speak to their local MS Society branch and find out what they can do to actively manage their condition."

"People with MS shouldn't make themselves invisible to the health and social care system. It's your right to expect the best possible care and support and the Society is here to help," he added.

MS is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting an estimated 85,000 people and interferes with signals between the brand and body. Patients can experience symptoms such as loss of mobility, sight and can be cause fatigue, depression and cognitive problems.

Harriet form London, one of the people featured in the adverts, said: "I have found great support in using he MS Society's online forums and through the campaign I wanted to show that being diagnosed with MS is not the need of the world, there is life after MS. Since being diagnosed Iëve done so much to be proud of."

21st April 2008


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