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February is a romantic month, so where better (we thought) to look at recent advertising than The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care

February is a romantic month, so where better (we thought) to look at recent advertising than The Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

We decided to imagine we were at a speed dating event, with a matter of seconds to check out the talent and decide whether or not to take things one step further.

How would these advertisements fare? Our ratings system is a predictor of how things would go, so if we feel there's depth, soul and an enduring quality to the ad, it is awarded the late, great walrus of love, Barry White. Something a bit fun, frothy, but ultimately lacking in substance gets credited with that bubbly balladeer Leo Sayer, and to the most embarrassingly bad we have given a Demis Roussos, in an I would be mortified if this came on when I had friends to dinner and my iPod was on random shuffle kind of a way.

IMPLANON - contraception
A bit of a shy, retiring wallflower, this one. Would struggle to get noticed. Once she caught your eye, you might find her very attractive, but chances are you've walked straight past and already forgotten all about her before she stood a chance.

Great lashes for a cosmetic ad, but if there was a strong idea here, it's sadly been bleached out.

As RenÈ and Renata once sang, we'll save our love, my darleeng, for another ad. A Demis, I'm afraid.

YASMIN - oral contraception
Almost in spite of ourselves, we find ourselves admiring this one. Bright, modern, funky and eye-catching. However, after the initial attraction, we quickly got bored.

The second line positioning of Yasmin is there in the copy, with the visual telling us it's suitable for all types of young women, but there's nothing bewitching.

Pretty wallpaper.

CLAIRETTE - acne/contraception
Whoa, who's this? This looks like a feature from a women's magazine about someone who's undergone an identity change but stayed the same sex.

It will get noticed, certainly. A somewhat migraine-inducing headline, but it has the desired effect. We paid attention and understood everything Clairette wanted to tell us. Memorable and a clear idea; just doesn't quite look like a finished ad.

Makes us feel like dancing, though.

- contraception/pregnancy test

People ask themselves the morning after, how can this have happened? And that was our reaction when we first clapped eyes on this ill-matched pair. We see a silhouette standing in the shadows (First Response), but can't quite get a clear impression because of the immensely macho guy (Trojan) blocking our view.

This ad could have been a stroke of genius (albeit obscure) if Trojan condoms were a fictional creation. Then the idea could have been that the sperm would penetrate in Trojan horse-, stealth-like fashion with First Response waiting readily in anticipation to announce their successful entry.

We initially thought this was unfortunate ad placement by the journal, but as both products share the same sales contact, we can only assume it's a marketing blunder. Crass, we never want to see it again!

On every level a Demis.

MIRENA - contraception/menorrhagia
At last: we've been saving all our love for this one. The sort that leaves the party early and who everyone's talking about.

Some lateral thinking, an unexpected visual that has cut-through... the creatives took a leap to a new place and the client went with them - yay!

It would have been so easy to show a woman getting on with her life.

A little busy (although the elephants are a nice touch and cute) and not the most classy, but arresting, simple and rewarding.

2nd September 2008


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