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Christmas wish

In the hectic run up to Christmas, an advertising agency team is working late into the night on a pitch

Christmas wish In the hectic run up to Christmas, an advertising agency team is working late into the night on a pitch. Suddenly, Santa appears and offers to make a special seasonal wish come true for each of them. The copywriter says: I've always dreamed of writing a best selling novel, so I'd like to go to an exotic island where I can concentrate on my masterpiece. Santa says: No problem! and - poof - the copywriter vanishes.

The art director says: I want to create meaningful art for the entire world to see, so I'd like to go where no one can find me. Santa says: Your wish is granted! and - poof - the art director vanishes too. Santa then turns to the account director and asks: What is your Christmas wish? The account director, looking very worried, says: Just get those two jokers back here, right now!

I do wonder, looking at recent ads, if the creative teams really did vanish, because some work looks as if the account guys did everything on their own. Based on this, my scoring system for this festive season ranges from Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (ie, 5 out of 5) indicating that the creatives obviously were in control, down to a Parson's Nose (ie, 1 out of 5) indicating they were not.

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eltrivexETRIVEX - for psoriasis
This ad certainly makes me think of Christmas, but for the wrong reasons. At first I thought the pooch had a pile of snow on its head, as if the kids in the family were intent on turning it into a snowdog. But then I spotted the taps and realised it was the eponymous shampoo foam instead. I checked the title of the journal to make sure I hadn't picked up a veterinary magazine by mistake but, no, I hadn't.

All I can say is that they're definitely barking up the wrong tree with this one. The metaphors, as in any dog's dinner, are well and truly mixed. And with snowflakes giving way to psoriasis flakes, I bet you're wondering why it still makes me think of Christmas? Well, after Christmas comes New Year and, usually, with New Year comes New Year's resolutions. Those responsible for this howler should certainly resolve to do better in 2008. I certainly will.

0 out of 5: Definitely a dog's dinner, even at Christmas

The author
Jeff Daniels is Creative Director at Lane Earl & Cox Advertising (LEC)

Ad Lib is a creative critique of healthcare ads and does not take into account the marketing objectives behind the campaigns reviewed.

2nd September 2008


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