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Q&A: Emily Spilko

PME interviews Evoke's Executive Creative Director

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Lots of things, thankfully. My teenagers, my wife Patty, our sweet dog Gemma and the good fortune of working with the best team of people in the world (yes, the world!).

What’s the best thing about working in healthcare comms?

The chance to help people feel empowered about their health. Doing so can be as simple as making sure they have a true understanding of their condition – or even just which questions to ask their physician. It all matters and makes a difference.

What’s the worst thing about working in healthcare comms?

A fair balance! I know we have to balance the good with the not-so-good, but it can be tough to work around it – in film, print, digital and social. Creatives have to be that much more creative to make sure the brand story is being told in a clear and powerful way.

What’s your favourite bar or eatery?

Pre-pandemic? I have a few favourites in my Park Slope neighbourhood, but Piccoli makes the best bolognese, hands down.

Which book/film would you recommend above all others and why?

This is probably an outlier, but I would say the Clash of the Titans. That medusa scene with Perseus and the shield and the reflection... nothing beats it.

Which buzzwords/office jargon get on your nerves?

I personally don’t mind buzzwords unless they are condescending. Phrases such as ‘does that make sense?’ really irk me.

Which person, living or dead, do you admire the most and why?

Michelle Obama, because she reminds us all that “When they go low, we go high”.

Who is your healthcare comms hero/heroine?

One of my former Creative Directors, Vivian Atler, taught me the importance of being a good leader. She told me that “creative is the best part of any client’s day” and she was right – so remember that when you’re presenting work!

What has been your career highlight to date?

Going to Cannes as a judge on the Pharma Jury in 2019 – a definite highlight. Except for the fact that my luggage didn’t make it to France for a few days – a definite lowlight.

What’s your golden rule/piece of advice for someone starting a career in healthcare comms?

This probably goes for any career path, but I would say leading by example, no matter what level you’re at.

Emily Spilko is Executive Creative Director at Evoke

12th February 2021

From: Marketing


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