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The key to maintaining business continuity

By Clare Bates

Fans of Stranger Things will be familiar with the term the upside down; a concept that has resonance now in a way few ever imagined possible outside a dystopian fiction.

We’re currently living in our own upside down, deprived of the sustenance of physical interaction. While we struggle to get used to our new reality and bend our minds to what the future holds, we can be certain none of us will ever be the same again.

Amid the suffering and challenges, there are opportunities. This is a hard reset; a chance for us to be better in all aspects of our lives. An opportunity for introspection; to redefine what is really important and reach out to others – putting people, not things, first.

In our need to combat physical distance, we are able to (finally, in some instances) fully engage with online platforms, virtual worlds, video conferencing and social media. Imagine the isolation without them?

Arguably the best equipped among us to handle this virtual existence can be found in the online gaming community, where people have been connecting across the globe for decades and combining forces to solve problems and defeat an enemy.

Online gaming has been widely criticised for reducing people’s ability to build successful relationships. Yet, it has its upsides in enhancing digital and fine motor skills, and improving powers of observation and concentration.

In just a matter of weeks, virtual working has become the norm – proof that we can change on a sixpence. There will be myriad consequences for us, but for now making it through the eye of the storm is what counts.

The rules of engagement have changed and, as much as humans aren’t great with change, it is time to get ‘comfortable’. We need to be even better at listening, at reading non-verbal cues to understand what is and isn’t being said. Much like a multiplayer online gamer, we need to adapt.

As we all face a new future, well-designed communications solutions can help to support customers as they navigate these challenging times.

Clare Bates is Content Director at Page & Page

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1st June 2020

From: Marketing


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