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Latest videos and podcasts on PMHub

Listed below are the latest videos submitted by suppliers using PMHub to promote their services to our international pharma audience. If you would like to be included within PMHub, please click the ‘Add my Company’ link.

  • One minute intro to MEDTHORITY, a customer-centric website for HCPs

    In a world that is increasingly looking online for medical information and support, EPG Health is proud to have developed Medthority, a more modern and customer-centric medical website, personalised for HCPs and tailored for pharma. Watch the short video to find out how it works:
    Submitted by: EPG Health

  • Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with Ryan Wiley, President of Shift Health

    In the latest episode of Impetus Digital's Fireside Chat series, I talk to Ryan Wiley, President of Shift Health. Among many other things, Ryan and I discuss healthcare's journey towards digitalization and the ramifications COVID-19 has had in many of these areas. We also talk about Ryan's shift from academia to consulting and the lessons learned along the way. Further, we explore key topics from Ryan's recent talk with Life Sciences Ontario, such as how COVID-19 is setting the stage for a future-proofed data ecosystem and the impact this will have on science, innovation, and clinical research.
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with Tom Hsu, VP, Specialty Medicine at Bayer Canada

    In this episode of Impetus Digital's Fireside Chat series, I sit down with Tom Hsu. Tom is the VP of Specialty Medicine at Bayer Canada, where he oversees the Specialty Medicine Portfolio, which contributes over 50% of the revenue and most of the growth for Bayer Canada. Tom has always had a special interest in the well-being of people and the business of healthcare. Prior to his current role, he worked in diverse roles in medical affairs, marketing, sales, and strategy. Among many other things, we talk about how Tom got to where he is today and his experience working for Bayer in China and how that compares to the work he is doing now in Canada. We also discuss the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as his views on disruptive digital technologies in healthcare.
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with MindSet

    Join Natalie Yeadon, Co-Owner and Managing Director at Impetus Digital, as she sits down with Ryan Zarychanski, Paul Komenda, and Marshall Pitz from MindSet. Mindset is an innovative platform that integrates province-wide clinical health data into a single platform, with the goal of enhancing real-time access to data for healthcare providers, and thereby improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and the outcomes for patients who use it. We discuss a whole range of thought-provoking topics, including the barriers to and benefits of clinical data integration for the healthcare system, clinical trials, providers, and patients; issues around data privacy and ownership; and their hopes for the “new normal” post-COVID-19.
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with Stephany Lapierre, Founder and CEO of Tealbook

    In this episode of Impetus Digital's Fireside Chat series, I talk to Stephany Lapierre, Founder and CEO of Tealbook. Stephany is a highly coveted supply chain thought-leader, and one of the most influential minds in emerging data technologies. Prior to founding Tealbook, Stephany spent 10 years building a successful strategic sourcing and procurement consulting firm focusing on large-scale sourcing optimization projects. With Tealbook, she has made it her mission is to deliver a ‘Trusted Source of Supplier Data’ to the ever-growing eProcurement space. Currently, Tealbook is the only Big Data company that provides a self-enriching and self-maintaining mechanism to fix enterprise supplier data, forever.
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Impetus Digital Systems Innovation Masterclass: Systems Change, Wicked Problems, and Multisolving

    In this session, we discussed systems change, wicked problems, and multisolving. We reviewed the transformational changes that can evolve and go beyond "cause and effect" thinking. In this dialogue, we also reviewed contradiction patterns and the need to observe things from the whole instead of from the parts. We also reviewed how change is an evolutionary process and involves incremental steps, adaptive human behaviours, proper incentivisation models, and the need for multi-player, multi-dimensional interventions. Lastly, we discussed how complex systems require groups of people to cooperate to reduce the friction involved in problem-solving.
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • Impetus Digital Fireside Chat with with Jon Sockell, Co-Founder/COO of Limbix

    In this edition, Natalie Yeadons sits down with Jon Sockell, Co-founder and COO of Limbix. Limbix Spark is the first prescription digital therapeutic designed to support adolescents with depression. See how Limbix is paving the way for prescription digital therapeutics and learn from their trials, tribulations, successes, and vision for the future. Get inspired to ask your next big question or navigate into some new uncharted waters for your company. This is a time of unprecedented change. It is an opportunity to leverage these days of variance and to create differentiation using "functional speed". Jon will get us all motivated to leverage the groundswell of momentum that is swirling around us in this new post-COVID-19 #newnormal world in which we live!
    Submitted by: Impetus Digital

  • We are COUCH Health

    Making health human means that everything we do puts people first. __Pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies turn to us to help them build strong connections with, and improve outcomes for, the people who matter most: patients.We do this by improving patient insights, patient recruitment and patient retention for clinical trials with creative solutions that build better experiences and outcomes for patients. __We specialise in bringing the human touch to clinical trials by:1. Generating deep insights that build patient-centric clinical trial materials. 2. Creating patient engagement materials that are actually read and understood that will lead to improved patient recruitment and patient retention. 3. Developing compelling creative advertising and marketing that improves clinical trial patient recruitment and retention. __Here a snapshot of our services:Patient recruitment and retention planning Study and site support Patient recruitment advertising campaigns Patient advocacy, and diversity & inclusion Patient retention platforms __Please feel free to visit our website for further information
    Submitted by: COUCH Health

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