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Latest videos on PMHub

Listed below are the latest videos submitted by suppliers using PMHub to promote their services to our international pharma audience. If you would like to be included within PMHub, please click the ‘Add my Company’ link.

  • In Search of the Invisible Army, The Caregivers' Story teaser

    To healthcare systems, they are the unpaid army keeping everything going. To pharmaceutical companies, they are the potential catalysts to therapy success. To doctors, they are the experts-by-experience turning treatment plans into reality. And to patients, they are the indispensable brothers, mothers, husbands, grandmothers, friends, and neighbours that make each day possible. Visit for thoughts & opinions from industry leaders, as well as the everyday experience of carers #Caring4Carers
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • 2017 Havas Lynx Showreel

    We are Havas Lynx, the leading global healthcare communications agency. We work with passion, honesty and determination to improve lives. We change outcomes for patients, the commercial success of our clients, and our society. We define our industry with pioneering campaigns that have impact. We inspire the industry's best talent to deliver the very best work that not only meets, but exceeds all expectations.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • Healthcare Heroes - The Passion Project by Havas Lynx

    The Havas Lynx group are incredibly proud to launch ’Healthcare Heroes, the passion project.’ This campaign shares inspirational stories from doctors, nurses, patients, pioneers, and entrepreneurs, who are all dedicated to improving the lives of others. This project shines a light on the individuals whose passion and commitment changes lives. These people are those who inspire us, and drive us to do better. We created this campaign to share their stories, and to encourage others to help improve the way healthcare is currently being delivered. Visit the website and learn more about the Healthcare Heroes here: #HealthcareHeroes
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • We Do.

    No one became a hero by standing back. People who change lives. People who define the future. People who inspire others. That go further. Expect more. Want better. For everyone. Our healthcare heroes. Creative thinking without impact is irrelevant. A campaign without results is nothing. So our question to everyone is this: “Do you have the drive, the commitment And the passion to help them?” We do.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • Generation Now. Round table event highlights.

    We believe that through collaboration, new technology and new ambitions we can rethink the way healthcare is delivered globally, creating a more sustainable, efficient and effective service for both doctors and patients. Our round table event brought together some of the industry’s most innovative and influential faces of healthcare in the twenty-first century to examine the impact of the millennial HCP on healthcare. Together, they discussed how the millennial generation will dramatically transform healthcare for the better through collaboration, innovation and creativity.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • The future of our health - Dr Jack Kreindler

    Dr Jack Kreindler presents an inspiring session about the future of our healthcare. Dr Jack reports on real world examples of how radical breakthroughs in science and technology are not only improving outcomes but saving lives.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • The power of the patient

    In this episode, we talk to Matt Eagles who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease aged just eight. Matt has spent much of his life struggling with the disease, yet he is now able to work as a photographer after having electrical implants fitted in his brain to control the symptoms. Matt's story has been covered by the national press and he has appeared on ITV and the BBC sharing his experience about living with the disease. Matt has also had several articles published, most notably in Parkinson's Europe and Primary Care Today. He has also written a series of articles for Parkinson's UK in their Quarterly Journal.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • Generation Now. Campaign Overview.

    Our campaign revealed that the millennial HCPs are already embracing the challenge to fix the failing healthcare system, they are driving dramatic changes and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. They have grown up in a digital world and have a profound understanding of the advantages offered by embracing rapidly advancing technologies. Combine these characteristics with their willingness to share experience and knowledge, form new partnerships, collaborate, and take calculated risks, this generation is set to radically transform our industry.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

  • Generation Now: the impact of the millennial HCP on our world

    Millennials are criticised as narcissistic, entitled and technology-obsessed, but our new campaign shows millennial healthcare professionals – mHCPs – in a different light. They have certainly grown up in a digital and interactive world, but have a strong social conscience, are entrepreneurial and are adept at communicating, collaborating and adapting to the world as they find it. Through the Generation Now campaign, we outline key considerations for communicating and collaborating with this new generation, outlining how we can create effective healthcare campaigns that truly make a difference.
    Submitted by: Havas Lynx Group

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