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Social Media for Healthcare & Pharma Brands

Social media is more than just Facebook, however Facebook is the most popular social network in the UK with a 52% share of all visits to social media sites. 1 in every 6 Internet page views in the UK is a Facebook page so it easy to understand why everyone naturally thinks of Facebook when marketers talk about social media. According to Experian Hitwise, social media accounts for 23% of all UK Internet visits. However, social networks are incredibly diverse and certainly more than just Facebook and Twitter. Experian Hitwise monitors UK traffic to over 9,000 social networks and forums, catering to every conceivable interest and demographic. Social media is becoming an integral part of online business. Forecasts estimate that $7.72 billion will be spent advertising through social networks in 2012, a 80% increase from 2011. Back in May 2010 social networking sites overtook search engines like Google and Bing as the primary category for UK Internet visits, and no other collective of websites can compare to the rate of growth that is being experienced in the social networking area. Social media is not a fad, it is not a passing online trend and, whether we like it or not, social media is not going to go away. Healthcare and Pharma companies like all other different industry sector companies need to accept this fact and embrace social media if they are to succeed in the online sphere.

A free guide from Genetic Digital on healthcare & pharma social media strategy

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are finding themselves in an era of significant and rapid change. The power of the relationship is shifting from the advertiser’s voice (pushing products and services at us) to the voice of the empowered patient and healthcare professional (HCP), who can decide who and when to communicate with and what information they are prepared to absorb. Websites and social media have given them easy access to information and conversations on a range of healthcare topics, services and medical products which they can get to at anytime and anywhere. This white paper aims to provide marketing professionals working within the healthcare, medical and pharma sectors with a better understanding of social media and how it can be integrated into their marketing and communications strategy to engage with patients, carers and HCPs.

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  Guide to Social Media Marketing
PDF File: 562.5 KB

24th January 2013


  Guide to Social Media Marketing
PDF File: 562.5 KB



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