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Healthcare & Medical App Developers Guide

This is a free white paper published by GENETIC DIGITAL. It is aimed at helping app developers, healthcare and pharma marketers and CEOs/CIOs learn more about the healthcare and medical app development process and how health and medical apps are being adopted by healthcare professionals and patients.

A free guide from Genetic Digital on Healthcare and Medical App Development

Health, fitness, and medical apps are flooding the market at breakneck speed. There are thousands of them in the UK App stores. There are many obvious differences between those directed at patients and apps developed as tools for healthcare professionals. Business models, costs of development, regulatory requirements, and audiences differ significantly between the two. However, there are fundamental and important similarities between them which will ultimately determine their success.

This paper will discuss the business benefits of developing an app; the various approaches to designing and building an app; compliance; ways in which you can promote your app to your target audience and how you can measure the usage and performance of your app.This guide will also help you to understand the medical app development process and the types of areas you will need to consider when working alongside your chosen medical app developer.

This guide to medical & healthcare app development has been written by Genetic Digital.

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24th January 2013