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Digital Marketing: The Road to 2020 - multi-channel marketing for pharma and healthcare companies

Transforming interactions: how digital can improve the customer experience
Executive summary

Developing a multi-channel marketing strategy is crucial for most pharma & healthcare companies’, as access to customers becomes increasingly difficult. Communicating with different customers in the right way has never been more critical: Successfully navigating pathways to market will come down to building relationships through engaging customer experiences.

Digital technologies offer pharma & healthcare the potential to target markets in innovative ways
, and to get the most from every interaction by providing and proving value to the customer. The right digital approach will improve the customer experience through engagement in three key ways:

1. Increasing pharma & healthcare’s understanding of the customer, to allow more finely tuned messaging and segmentation.

2. Allowing wider customisation and more relevant communications.

Facilitating collaboration and information sharing/access among key stakeholder groups.


  PharmiWeb Solutions white paper issue 1
PDF File: 1.8 MB

25th June 2013


  PharmiWeb Solutions white paper issue 1
PDF File: 1.8 MB