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Viseven is a full cycle digital agency with 10 years expertise in developing content for the global pharmaceutical market delivering eDetailing, email templates, landing pages, mobile and AR apps to drive value-based communications.

Our unique omnichannel content authoring solution eWizard platform supports the Create Once – Publish Everywhere approach (COPE) and allows to update, localize and reuse content across channels in a fast, convenient and cost-effective way. Channel-agnostic modules (CAM) are used as building blocks to assemble highly personalized modular content within channel-specific templates. This allows to minimize the amount of manual tasks, concentrate on creative work and facilitate MLR, as well as compliance with global branding guidelines.

Viseven’s core mission is helping Pharma to connect patient centricity, patient engagement, and strategic imperatives with the right content and omnichannel mix.

eWizard wins:  

  • Increase global-to-local content reuse;
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration across teams and affiliates;
  • Automate content management with automatic publishing process;
  • Reduce budget for localization and updates as well as time-to-market;
  • Personalize and repurpose content effortlessly

Key features:  

  • Briefing Tool for creative co-creation between brand managers and agency
  • eWizard NaviGate – a global-to-local DAM with approved presentations, that provides 24/7 access multichannel content for reuse and repurpose
  • eWizard Converter transforms static presentations to interactive CLM-ready format
  • Powerful email and websites builder
  • Effortless localization - global to local fast adaptation of language, images, navigation
  • CRM-friendly branded email templates connected with rep-triggered emails and newsletters
  • Dynamic KPIs monitoring for tracking content-based interactions in target CRM
  • Transparent review process that enables to work on digital content together both within one team and with an agency
  • Automatic publish to Veeva, IQVIA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager

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