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COUCH Health celebrates a trio of new hires including a Global Director

Patient engagement agency, COUCH Health, is building on a year of incredible growth in 2019 in which the company hired six new members of the team across account management and creative disciplines.

Already in January 2020, COUCH Health has welcomed three new members to the team, including a potentially game-changing Global Director appointment.

Leo Hesse, COUCH Health’s new Global Director joins the team from Clariness - a big onboarding for COUCH Health as they expand even further into the clinical research space. With a background in Advanced Genomic and Proteomic Sciences, he decided to channel his knowledge into supporting clinical research clients solve their complex problems.

Account Manager, Annabel Evans, joins the team from another global healthcare communications group, Havas Lynx. Her experience working with healthcare clients to develop comprehensive marketing and sales strategies, grounded in customer insight, is invaluable to COUCH Health as they enhance their strategic offering. Outside of work, reading psychology books and watching superhero films is her thing.

Creative Artworker, Brogan Shaw, joins from A-SAFE, bringing with her a passion for design and all things branding, especially typography. When she’s not being creative with design, she’s being creative in the kitchen, baking for friends and family.

Not only will these new hires accelerate the expertise COUCH Health’s client base can benefit from, but a bigger, stronger team will help them make real headway in the agency’s social change initiative: to improve the lives of one million people by 2022.

For more information about COUCH Health and the team:

To discover how they plan to improve the lives of one million people by 2022:

2nd February 2020



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