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Patients as Partners Europe 2020 conference report

Patient engagement: Actions speak louder than words

Improving patient engagement is something that clinical research companies have discussed for years. Many, many years. Yet there’s still too little headway made in putting that talk into action. And it turns out the organisers and speakers at the Patients as Partners Europe conference agree.

In January 2020, COUCH Health’s medical writers jumped on the train down to London to attend the 4th annual Patients as Partners Europe 2020. This year, the program was co-produced with industry, patient advocacy and public sector voices and focussed on demonstrating how patient engagement and involvement is put into action.

The good news? Foundations for effective patient engagement are now largely in place. But now is the time to take real action to drive patient engagement across the board. Because in reality, actions speak louder than words.

Download the conference report

If you didn’t make it to the conference and want an expert summary of what you missed, or did attend, and would just like a comprehensive analysis as a resource, then all you need to do is download our conference report.

The key themes that appeared throughout the conference, and are discussed in the report, include:

  • Ensuring patient engagement happens as early as possible
  • Engaging with paediatric patients
  • Capturing qualitative data
  • Diversity
  • The entire patient journey – don’t stop engaging after people stop taking part in the study
  • The role of caregivers
  • Funding for patient organisations.

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7th February 2020


  Patients as Partners Europe 2020
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Patients as Partners Europe 2020 conference report
Patient engagement: Actions speak louder than words
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