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Clinical trial recruitment on podcasts: is it a good idea?

The pharmaceutical industry is already using social media and search engine advertising for clinical trials, so why not consider podcast platforms too?

To successfully connect with patients and caregivers, it’s important to reach them in the spaces where they’re already present online. And as we’ve talked about before, marketing clinical trials in the digital world has so many benefits:

  • The huge volume of people who are regularly online
  • And out of these people, the fact that most use the internet for health information
  • Targeting the right people can be simpler than ever with the right expertise
  • Done well, online adverts for clinical trials can be very cost efficient

Plus, the pharmaceutical industry is already using social media and search engine advertising for clinical trials, so why not consider podcast platforms too?

Roughly 55% of people in the US have listened to a podcast, at least once. And research suggests that 18% of adults in the UK listen to podcasts on a weekly basis, which is an increase of 4% since last 2019. So, we think it’s safe to say that podcasts will likely continue to surge in popularity over the coming years. But not only are podcasts popular, there’s also an opportunity to target specific audiences, by advertising clinical trials on relevant health podcasts. There’s a whole array of podcasts about different conditions out there, from COPD to dementia. And their listeners already contain a pool of potential patients or caregivers, who are engaged with the condition.

In other industries, podcast advertising is already booming. Experts reckon that podcast advertising revenues will exceed $1bn in 2021!

So, while podcast advertising is clearly already big in other industries, it’s not yet the case for clinical trials. Clinical research companies have a chance to get ahead of competitors by tapping into this space sooner rather than later; before podcast advertising for clinical trials becomes well established.

It’s vital to consider the audience, too. In general, people prefer to be shown adverts that are personalised to them and that avoid being intrusive, with auto-play video ads causing the most annoyance online. And while this provides a small degree of what to consider, it’s important to think about the specific target audience’s point of view as well. This means getting deeper insights from the patients and caregivers you’re trying to reach.

What do you think? Does advertising your clinical trial on a podcast seem a good idea? Get in touch to learn more about this area and how our insight solutions help tailor podcast marketing strategies.

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23rd October 2020



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