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DEMAND DIVERSITY REPORT 01: Exploring attitudes towards clinical research among people from different ethnic groups in the UK

This report reveals insights from the people themselves, and discusses the starting points for overcoming current challenges.

We know that people from ethnic minorities are underrepresented in clinical trials.

Put simply, underrepresentation of anyone - male or female, old or young, and any ethnicities - means that researchers don’t actually know if the treatment or drug they’re investigating works for everyone. And that’s not okay.

People’s genetic make ups are all different. So, if we don’t know how everyone reacts to drugs or treatments, we don’t know if, at best they work, or at worst they have detrimental effects. We have to ask ourselves, is that ethical?

But what can we do to overcome it? Firstly, we must increase our understanding of why this is such a big issue. Here at COUCH Health, we set out to delve into the reasons why study populations are not diverse, and the barriers faced by different ethnic groups.

The research report engaging different faith based and minority groups has thrown up some interesting discussion points.

Download the report here.


  Demand Diversity Report
PDF File: 1.6 MB

25th May 2020


  Demand Diversity Report
PDF File: 1.6 MB



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