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#DemandDiversity: New research on COVID-19 clinical trial perceptions within minorities and high-risk populations

Lack of diversity in clinical trials still remains on of the biggest issues for COVID-19 clinical trials. But despite the growing discussions, calls for change, growing regulatory guidance and much more, many groups remain underrepresented, including the elderly, certain ethnic groups and the LGTBQ+ community.

As part of our mission to Demand Diversity, we’re passionate that we firstly need to understand how real people feel about clinical trials. So, our very own research team have been working on something important to do just that. We’ve conducted surveys and interviews with people all over the UK to get to the heart of their point of view, and to understand the barriers that are preventing diverse participation in clinical trials.

“Improving diversity in clinical trials isn’t just about boardroom decisions. We’ve got to hear from the people who really matter here, and that’s the people who aren’t taking part in clinical research. We need to know what motivates or deters them.” Ash Rishi, CEO, Demand Diversity

Our previous research in this area unearthed shocking but not surprising findings, with immense mistrust in healthcare and clinical trials shown by people from ethnic minority backgrounds. But with COVID-19 putting clinical trials to the forefront of people’s attention, we wanted to see how this had impacted awareness and the likelihood of people taking part. Most of all, we set out to explore how views differed across ethnic groups — to enable us to share these insights with you, and so we can all use them to create positive change.

We’ve heard from over 400 people who have given their time and shared their views, and we’re eager for you to hear what they have to say.

“To see a real change in our industry, we need to keep sharing insights and collaborating. That’s why we want everyone to read our research and to understand how real people feel.” Ash Rishi, CEO, Demand Diversity

You can access the full report here. If you want to know more about Demand Diversity, or would like to get involved, email:


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22nd January 2021


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