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Key benefits of a digital patient recruitment solution

Why should you choose COUCH Health and our new digital patient recruitment software - TrialVerse?

Firstly, this is not new to us here at COUCH Health. We have been advocating and implementing patient engagement solutions with our clients for a while now and have a strong track record of successful campaigns in patient research, digital patient recruitment and patient retention strategies as well as marketing and creative materials.

TrialVerse is another milestone for us as we continue our journey of improvement and strive to reach our goals of democratising clinical trials — removing barriers to participation and increasing diversity in clinical trials. Developing our own in-house patient recruitment software allows us to provide a full end-to-end service throughout the patient journey — from finding eligible patients, to connecting them with relevant clinical trials and supporting their ongoing engagement in the study.

A patient recruitment platform is designed to link suitable patients who are searching the internet for information, networks and solutions about their condition, to a clinical trial that matches their medical history, as well as their needs and motivations.

We understand that making the decision to participate in a clinical trial is a big decision for patients. And these decisions are based on many more factors than simply meeting the eligibility criteria, such as travel expenses, or family and work commitments. That is why we aim to understand the drivers and barriers behind the decisions made by each patient so we can support them effectively through the process.

Our digital advertisements are based on real-world data, generated from patient research and feedback from our network of patient groups. This allows us to accurately place advertisements, and make them attractive, clear and effective.

So, why should you use TrialVerse as part of your patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials?

#1 Find your patients faster

There are a multitude of statistics available to show how many clinical trials fail to meet their study enrollment targets, causing delays to bringing new treatments to market and inflating study budgets through extensions and amendments. TrialVerse will help to attract the right patients using real-world data, geo-location and digital advertising, increasing the pool of eligible patients.

#2 Track your key data in real-time

As a sponsor, you will be able to view your own fully customisable visualisations of the information that is important to you using the TrialVerse dashboard. This could include patient screening, conversion and screen fail data, as well as budget tracking and ROI. This is also supplemented by frequent catch-up meetings with your dedicated project manager.

#3 Reduce site and staff burden

Sites are often overburdened, with clinicians and trial coordinators working on multiple studies with multiple sponsors at any one time. Through alleviating some of the administrative workload, reducing the number of unsuitable patients, and providing follow-up calls with registered nurses, TrialVerse will help site staff to enrol more patients and improve the patient experience. Our nurses will also assist with the referral process by passing on relevant patient information to the clinic staff. TrialVerse has received positive feedback from many of the sites that have worked with the platform.

#4 Remove barriers to minority participation in clinical trials

Recruiting a representative patient population is a key scientific consideration when designing a clinical trial. COUCH Health are market-leading experts on cultural safety in healthcare, and we can help you to increase patient enrolment from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, from introducing crucial cultural safety training, to supporting patients in overcoming their barriers to participation.

#5 We help you put the patient first

When it comes to clinical trials, we believe that supported patients are happy patients. So, we provide a comprehensive ‘click to clinic’ service to enable patients to better understand the clinical trial process, what to expect, and allow the opportunity to answer any questions before they arrive at the clinic. Our team of nurse specialists will call each patient once the pre-screening questionnaire is completed to discuss the patient’s condition, suitability, and preferences for the study, before referring them to a nearby clinic.

Partnering with clinical trial recruitment companies like COUCH Health will remove the stress of manually monitoring patient recruitment performance, as well as freeing up your time to make important strategic decisions on the study based on our dashboard analytics.

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26th May 2021



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