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Find your match in digital pharma marketing

Our Digital Lead, Richard Springham, looks at how to apply matchmaking lessons from Tinder to your own digital marketing.

Tinder, the omnipotent geo-targeted dating app, took over the matchmaking world in 2014 and hasn’t stopped bringing people together since.

It has spawned many technical evolutions within the dating game, including Happn. The premise of which is pairing members who ‘happen to’ come in proximity to one another. Or to put it in a much less romantic way, entering one another’s personal digital geo-fence. And through this mechanism, members are finding geo-located acquaintances with ruthless efficiency.

There are numerous examples of this technology being used in consumer marketing through guerrilla marketing campaigns. An example is a geo-fence around a sportswear brand’s flagship store. Which, once ‘entered’ by a customer, will trigger a countdown advert with its own unique code for a flash sale at the nearby competitor’s store. Aggressive? Cheeky? Genius?

Geo-location targeting in pharma marketing is an absolute must. With the regional intricacies of EMEA and US pharma compliance, every pharma marketer knows their ABPI from their FDA, their PAGB from their EMA. And we navigate this digitally with the laser focused compass of geo-location targeting.

So why not take it further. Regional digital targeting is nothing new, but have you considered moving towards the Happn model? After all, isn’t all marketing just matchmaking?

Narrow the targeting for your digital marketing to appear to HCPs that ‘happen upon’ conference venues during key dates. Or a particular cluster of targeted Health centres. Or other crucial areas where your customers might be. Working with the key publications in your campaign, you can create personal digital geo-fences for key locations and wait for the customers to come to you. Easy, right?

Anyone not paying full attention for the conference duration (we’ve all been to ‘that’ talk, or avoided ‘that’ exhibition) might browse their favourite industry websites and your marketing message will be there on screen in all its glory.

So it makes sense to cast your net over this assembly of eligible customers.

Importantly all the usual compliance and regulation issues remain, but you can easily navigate these safely, in exactly the same manner as any other digital campaign (or date for that matter) – using the right messaging in the right environment.

If you get this right there’s every possibility this tactic can bloom into a wonderful matrimony of cost efficiency and targeted marketing all at once. Try it and see what happ(e)ns.

If you would like to talk to Four Health Media about developing your digital campaigns, please contact one of the team or email us.

3rd August 2017



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