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07 Good Pharma

Better for patients, better for business

Pharma is a dirty word to some. Even to those with milder views, it’s an industry often painted with an unenviable public image. Negative portrayals of massive conglomerates that happily trade patient wellbeing for profits are too frequently projected upon the pharmaceutical sector from those outside of it. Indisputably, pharma companies are powered by profit, but so is any business. Revenue pays salaries and overheads. It’s the lifeblood of any company, big or small. Why then, does pharma get such a bad rep?

Because it matters. Because we are an ageing population terrified by the concept of growing old. Because we are more aware of our lifestyle choices, more informed about serious illness and more concerned about what it means to us. Healthcare is vital to protecting that most sacred of human commodities; our lives. It’s a big responsibility and so it’s perhaps natural that, as a wider society, we’re critical of those charged with looking after us.

So who should run pharma - shareholders or stakeholders? Both. At Havas Lynx we are passionate about improving patients’ lives and we know that the pharmaceutical companies we work with share this commitment. We believe that the key to long-term success is finding a balance between making money and making a difference. By combining moral and commercial drivers, companies can breed a long-term financial security that allows continued investment in life-changing innovations.

30th January 2014