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06 Our Opportunity to Rethink the Health Experience

Our point of view

Today, and moving forward, we seek answers and support in entirely new ways. Health is in the midst of a shift never before seen. It’s being driven by new technologies and by innovations in medical science and practice: by ageing populations, chronic health conditions, and demanding patients; by competing healthcare providers and competing philosophies of providing healthcare. Most urgently of all, change is being driven by economic forces.

Whether it’s the market-driven system of the United States, or the socialised medicine of United Kingdom, change is unavoidable and necessary. The crunch question for all health industry stakeholders is who is just reacting to change and who can shape it?

On the front line, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are too busy just getting through their work to shift their focus to the bigger pictures of healthcare. At best, they adapt to the changes affecting their field and make the incremental changes that they must.

Both public and private health insurance systems are on the back foot. Money is getting tighter. They have to balance income, costs and coverage to keep things sustainable and as fair as possible. Politicians and healthcare managers are under pressure to get systems working more effectively without increasing budgets. Pharma companies have to generate enough cash to develop new therapies, just at a time when many drugs are falling off the patent cliff.

30th January 2014