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Insights are our digital media bag

Life at Four Health Media has been pretty busy this last 12 months. We have a new name (we were previously Four MSA), our team has grown, we have new global clients and we have new media tactics up our sleeve to cut through the incredibly busy and complicated healthcare media landscape. All within the same complicated, nuanced and charming world of pharmaceutical media.

We have meticulously combed through 50 million impressions worth of healthcare professional media over this last 12 months, served for our clients across the globe. And, as insights are our digital media bag, here are some simple actionable insights that might influence your 2017/18 media and beyond.

Don’t believe the hype

  • Whilst mobile is on the charge (pardon the pun), desktop is still king within HCP professional media. But always mobile optimise or you will lose value for money

Data: Over 65% digital ad impressions are delivered via desktop

Open your eyes to wastage, misinformation and fake metrics

  • Match metrics to goals. Don’t fall back on impression and clicks, they might mean nothing
  • Impressions are not always true, seek ‘viewable impressions’
  • Click-throughs are not the panacea, look for relevant metrics for your campaign (interactions, engagements, conversions, views, dwell time etc.)

Data: Best performing sales uplift had a low click-through rate

Click-through rates need not be average

  • Through detailed analysis and knowledgeable media placements you can over achieve the industry benchmark click-through rates multiple times. Proving that choosing the right media placements is crucial. Making your media money go further

Data: Over the course of the year, Four Health Media has over achieved double the industry benchmark CTR

Beautiful data informs effective creative

  • Half pages are the new(ish) kid in town. Outperforming all ad positions for all actions

Data: 2 x % engagement rates

  • Leaderboards eat up impressions for high volume awareness campaigns (always watch for viewable impressions)

Data: 45% of all impressions delivered globally are via leaderboard

  • MPUs for cross-over desktop to mobile campaigns

Data: Spec transfers seamlessly between the two platforms and performance remains consistent

  • Skyscrapers are ill, very ill

Data: Lowest impression numbers and lowest % performance metrics. Approach with caution

Experience defines recommendations. Using this wealth of anonymised proprietary data we are able to iteratively improve our clients’ media choices and ongoing campaigns.

Why not take these simple learnings forward in your own planning, or talk to the Four Health Media team about how they can effectively plan your media campaigns. You may be surprised at how far your budgets will go.

18th August 2017



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