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You know more about your audience than you think

Our Digital Lead, Richard Springham, discusses the untapped resources of your digital tools and how they hold the key to targeting your audiences.

The pharmaceutical marketing universe is full of great digital products – apps, websites, eDetails, augmented reality leave pieces, virtual-reality cyber-secure hyper-reliable educational sales training aid supplement packs… and more! And you may be one of the lucky ones to have them in your organisation.

Whilst incredible digital pieces can effectively reach healthcare professional customers in their own right, it’s likely that you have more of an asset than you realise.

We, as consumers, are re-targeted every day in a legal and secure way by the much maligned ‘cookies’. Does that new watch that you’ve been drooling over online suddenly appear in an advert on your favourite news site? Consider yourself re-targeted.

Everyone in our modern age has experienced this and is accustomed to it – albeit with varying degrees of comfort. But there’s still an undercurrent that this type of re-targeting in pharma marketing is at worst anathema, or at best ‘dirty’. It need not be.

Using this consumer tactic, and wrapping it in a pharmaceutical protective ABPI-compliant layer, will turn your digital tools into more than just the sum of their parts.

The plethora of digital tools that your organisation has in its armoury each holds unique user data. Every action will be anonymously collected and used to harness better communication with that individual customer. For example – Dr. Smith completes half your eDetail piece and leaves. Dr. Smith is then re-targeted online to encourage eDetail completion. Or, Dr. Patel views your product list on your corporate website; then Dr. Patel is re-targeted online with relevant corporate content.

You are now intelligently using the non-personal, compliant (ABPI and data protection), secure data that may currently be thrown away into a pool of missed opportunities.

There is data in everything if you know where to look, and the ability to use it if you know how to harness it. Why not conduct a simple data audit (sounds fun!) to see how much you are missing:

  1. Do you have healthcare professional-facing tools?
  2. Do these tools gather user/behavioural data?
  3. Would you like to follow up with these users based on their behaviour?

If you answer yes to all three, then you should be supercharging your digital tools to better inform your media campaigns.

Some of our clients already successfully implement this collaboration to achieve incredible results.

Four Health Media worked to create an interactive eDetail for a particular client who went on to gather user-level data from customers’ interactions and re-targeted these users across the wider web. Re-targeting was dependent on where users exited the eDetail and also their behaviour whilst within the tool. And the campaign’s conversion rate, cost-per-view and cost-per-action favourably exceeded expectations across the board.

Crucially, adverts need not be product specific nor make any claims, and so can be safely displayed outside of the usual ABPI compliant websites.

Connect the pipes between your digital tools’ data and your media campaigns and you may be pleasantly surprised with how much you already know, and how much potential has been previously untapped.

Make an easy change to supercharge your digital tools. You really do know more than you think.

If you would like to talk to Four Health Media about developing your digital campaigns, please contact one of the team or email us.

9th August 2017



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