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Health Literacy Explained

Hear from Dr Elizabeth Walder, author of a series of patient-focused e-books in plain english and why health literacy is so important.

18th October 2017



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Patient Engagement for the Life Sciences
Patient Engagement for the Life Sciences, written by Guy Yeoman and Mitchell Silva with editorial and design support from Cuttsy+Cuttsy, explains the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of patient engagement. It presents the compelling argument for why life science companies need to embrace and partner with patients and outlining an operating framework for doing it effectively. Visit to download your copy.
Cuttsy + Cuttsy
Moving away from pharma’s paternalistic approach
New handbook makes the case for greater patient engagement in the development of new medicines
Cuttsy + Cuttsy
Why patient education isn’t simple
The terms patient education, patient activation and patient engagement are increasingly popular as healthcare becomes more patient-centric. In this article, Clare Mariconda discusses how the concepts link together and shares practical ways to first engage patients so they can be educated and ultimately take action that positively impacts on their own health.
Cuttsy + Cuttsy
Empowered patients improve outcomes
This white paper co-authored by our own Caroline Benson and Guy Yeoman, MediPaCe, discusses why non-adherence is occurring, how patients’ can be better engaged with their conditions and treatments and provides examples and results of patient engagement in action.
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It’s nice, but it’s not an infographic
If you want to know if you’ve created an infographic, you can have a go with our flow diagram
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Emotional Intelligence and Blended Learning in Healthcare
EI and emotional selling are rising up the agenda when it comes to healthcare training. This article outlines how blended learning approaches can help put them into action.
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